COME & SEE Audio Site

Welcome to Come & See's Audio site. These are actual recordings of previous radio broadcasts. The five minute clips are called "Focal Points" and are arranged below with a brief note of explanation of each broadcast to guide your interest. The site will be regularly updated. If you see highlighted hypertext, or a box to the side, just click on it. If not, at the bottom of this page will be instructions on how you can go to the AUDIO site another way.

The subject of this Focal Point is on what, sadly, seems to be a dying aspect in the Church --- fervent, strong preaching. You can listen to it by clicking on Focal Point 1 now.

This is Focal Point #2 this week which focuses on the tendency of Christians to remain quiet about their faith in Christ. To listen, click here on Focal Point 2.

This is Focal Point #3 which focuses on the ungodliness predicted by the apostle Paul in the last days. To listen, click on Focal Point 3.

I said above that those who could not load files via hypertext could go to the AUDIO site another way. Go to the Web site listed below by typing in the URL address in your computer's system of the World Wide Web. When you get to the site, you can load the audio file of your choice by clicking on the specific html file which relates to that particular radio clip. For example, the html file for the program Focal Point 1 is FP1.html.

God bless you in Jesus' mighty name,

Lance Johnson