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Welcome to Come & See's "Images From God's Darkroom" site. This is a commentary on the allegorical pictures the author sees in John 11 and Acts 27. The book is available here in its entirety as well as in hard copy. A note of explanation of each chapter will guide your interest. If you see highlighted hypertext, or a box to the side, just click on it.

This is the introduction to the first book. You can visit it by clicking on INTRODUCTION now.

This is a short resume of our main book on prophecy, "The Two Witnesses". It is very important to have at least a thumbnail sketch of the larger work in order to comprehend what will follow in "Images From God's Darkroom". Go there by clicking on "The Two Witnesses".

This is chapter 1 of Images From God's Darkroom (IFGD). It sets the stage of the story of this very significant three-some family of Lazarus, Martha and Mary. Click on a brother and 2 sisters here.

This is chapter 2 of IFGD. This chapter deals with Lazarus' sickness. Click here to learn about this "disease".

This is chapter 3 of IFGD. Lazarus was dead four days before Jesus raised him up. What is the metaphoric meaning of these four days?

This is chapter 4 of IFGD. Martha comes to Jesus first, then Mary comes. Take a look at the changing of the guard.

This is chapter 5 of IFGD. Mary had a special place. Take a look at Mary's turn.

This is chapter 6 of IFGD. Lazarus was a dead man but even dead men can hear if spoken to by the Giver of life. Click on Lazareth, Come Forth!.

This is chapter 7 of IMGD. Lazarus was as sure to "come forth" as light blazened when God created the universe. Load The Awakening.

This is the conclusion of PART 1 of IMAGES FROM GOD'S DARKROOM. Click on epilogue.

This is the introduction to Part II of IFGD, a commentary on Acts 27. Go to intro 2.

This is chapter 1 of Part II. Paul's voyage to Rome begins. Metaphorically, this pictures the commencement of the church age. Click on Sets Sail.

This is chapter 2 of Part II. Two main forces both helped and opposed Paul's voyage, the wind and sea. The same has been true of the church. Learn what this means in Wind & Sea.

This is chapter 3 of Part II. What the ark of Noah was (naturally) to him and his family, the "ark" of Christ is and has been (spiritually) to the church. The ships of Paul's voyage image and parallel this truth. Are you in the safety of Jesus' Ark?

This is chapter 4 of Part II. The church has experienced great storms during her fiery trials for almost 2,000 years. These are pictured in Paul's voyage by the tremendous storms called tempests.

This is chapter 5 of Part II. Everybody on board the ship transporting Paul and the others to Rome represent the church. These are forecast by a certain number on board that vessel, 276 souls.

This is chapter 6 of Part II. Paul prophesied that the ship they were on would ultimately be destroyed but that everyone on board would be saved. Click on Vessel lost --- All Saved.

This is the 7th and final chapter of Part II. Some got to the island swimming, some holding onto boards, but all safely reached a beautiful island where they were well received. This pictures the rapture of the church. Read about this beautiful story ending by clicking on the Island.

You may obtain a hard copy of IMAGES FROM GOD'S DARKROOM by going to Order book

God bless you in Jesus' mighty name,

Lance Johnson