SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

This is one of those dates in history that will become indelible in most American minds. If at any time in the future you are asked “Where were you when the terrorists’ attack occurred on September 11th, 2001?”, the vast majority of people will not hesitate to answer the question. I was only 9 years old when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor but I can still tell you exactly where I was and what I was doing on December 7th, 1941.

There has surely never been in recorded history more news coverage on any devastating action than there has been relative to what occurred in the USA on September 11th, 2001. Most of us can immediately visualize in our minds the two planes that pierced the World Trade Centers in New York City, causing the thunderous explosions, followed shortly by their tumbling in upon themselves to the ground. We still think every day about the thousands who were killed in those buildings, in the three planes, and at the Pentagon, and our hearts also go out to those related to the ones who lost their lives. We think of the heroic actions of the policemen, the firemen, the doctors, the nurses, and a myriad of other workers who were, and are, involved in the aftermath of this tragic situation. My heart truly goes out to all those affected directly or indirectly.

I could write here only about the tragedy of September 11th, but that’s not the main purpose of this newsletter. I want to approach this from a prophetic perspective, which has been the primary focus of my Biblical studies for the past 27 years. I’m sure there will be many writers who will have many things to say about the prophetic significance of this incident. Based on previous experiences, I can almost guarantee you that none will be like mine, so please stay with me.



Many Christians haven’t the slightest awareness of the significance of numbers associated with God and His Word, the Bible. Until 27 years ago, I didn’t either. However, because of what I learned over the years, I can now testify experientially that God works with numbers as well as words in His wisdom shared with us. God gives awesome attention to numbers in His Holy Word, especially relative to prophecy. I am not talking about all the latest publications which have been coming out on Biblical numerology. Some of this information may have merit, but I want you to know that’s not what I’m talking about here. My approach is quite simple. You will not have any trouble following the logic and reality of God’s “arithmetic” presented to me in His “classroom” during the past 27 years.

The above heading about the “incredible ‘elevens’” is found on page 91 of my book THE TWO WITNESSES. The first draft of this book was completed in 1979. The current published edition came out in 1994. To set the stage, let me quote the closing text of chapter 10:

“I’d like to share an interesting observation made as I first studied these Scriptures (i.e., Revelation, Daniel, Matthew 24, etc.,). A church once invited me to give a talk on Bible prophecy. As I prepared notes and Scripture references to be used in the presentation, I suddenly noticed that practically all the references (15 or more) were associated with the number 11. The chapters were either “11" or the verses were “11". And if more than one verse was needed to complete a thought, ironically adding together the numbered verses would total “11" (i.e., two verses, like 5 & 6).” Continuing on...

“As an optometrist, numbers are very much a part of my life. Now I realize one can play all kinds of games with numbers but that’s never been my ‘bag’ (nor am I attempting to manipulate your mind here). However, for all the Scriptures I planned to speak about that night to just happen to revolve around the number 11 was just too much for me to accept as mere-chance-coincidence. I have since concluded God authored the number arrangements in His Word just as surely as He did the word order.” (I’m speaking not only with regards to numbers in the text of the Bible but also about God’s’ sovereign control over those who were responsible for numbering the chapters and verses which came much later than the text of the Bible.)”

Continuing on...

“Let me illustrate: The last time Elijah is seen in the Old Testament is found in 2 Kings 2:11. "And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder, and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven." Then the next verse I looked up was Matt. 17:11. "And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elias (i.e., Elijah) truly shall first come, and restore all things." Next I found Mark 9:11: "And they asked him, saying, Why say the scribes that Elias must first come?" (Recall that Jesus was saying in both these verses that John the Baptist was Elijah, meaning he came, unrecognized, in the spirit and power of Elijah.) Then I looked up the Old Testament prediction of the coming of John the Baptist: "Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord: And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse." This is from Mal. 4: 5 & 6.” Continuing on...

“You will note that all four of the above references are found in an 11th verse, or in two verses which, when added, equal 11. The laws of probability allow only so many coincidences like this before it can be assumed there must be intelligence behind it. I find it most remarkable that God would first allow these special insights into certain Scriptures of His Word, then would follow that understanding with confirmations such as the 11 phenomenon.” Continuing on...

 “As my study progressed, 'coincidences' (relative to numbers) increased so much in regularity that I would later even become expectant that God would add His confirmations in some special way. And don't get me wrong, I was not looking for signs nor was I creating them. I simply became aware of what was laid before my eyes. This, you might say, was the 'frosting on the cake'. A few others who have already had a chance to study this work in some depth, have also begun to see that these numerical relationships do indeed seem to correlate, and have later given me feedback somewhat substantiating that this is not merely a numbers game I've put together. Now isn't it interesting we would at this point just happen to arrive at the key chapter of my book, chapter 11?” End of quote.


At this point in my book, I then give my commentary on the key chapter of The Two Witnesses, chapter 11.

A few days ago, several different individuals sent me a forward about how someone has observed certain links relative to the number 11 in association with the September 11th incident. I have no idea who put this together. However, one of the persons who sent me this information lives in France. She saw the following notations published in a popular French magazine and she translated it into English. Here’s what it said:

“Hi Lance,

I am sending to you, translated into English, something concerning number eleven, that is written in a very popular magazine, sold in every corner of France: L'Itinerant N░ 364 - Sep 24-30.

TITLE: "Strange... Very Strange..."

- September 11... 9/11 = 9 + 1 + 1 = 11

- September eleven is the 254th day of the year... 2 + 5 + 4 = 11

- After September 11, there are 111 days to finish the year...

- the first plane that crashed against the Towers was flight AA 11 - Boston-San Fran.

- there were 92 passengers in it .... 9 + 2 = 11

- in the second plane, flight 77, there were 65 passangers... 6 + 5 = 11

- New York State was the 11th state to join the United States...

- N E W Y O R K C I T Y = 11 LETTERS

- Afghanistan : 11 letters

- The Pentagon : 11 letters

- Ramzi Yousef : 11 letters... the one accused of the attack of the WTC in 1993...

- 9/11 .... the date of the horrible attack .... is at the same time the emergency number...

- 119 Iraq's area code...

- .... the two World Trade Center towers were together as a number 11...

End of e-mail.

My French friend had no take on this information, but because she had read my book and recalled my comments about the number 11, she knew that it would probably intrigue me. Please understand that I am not writing to validate the significance of these observations of others. But it did serve a purpose, namely to stimulate me to recall how God has used the number 11 in so many fantastic ways in and around my life ever since I started intensely studying prophecy. Without exaggerating, if I were to tell all relative to the number 11 and how it seemed to revolve around my life, it would literally take a book to describe it for you. Many others who know me well even began to make observations of how the number 11 seemed to “follow” me around. How significant is this? Only God knows the full account and purpose of it all. I’m just providing you with a little factual background of real-life observations.



First of all let me strongly emphasize that it isn’t numbers that I’m attempting to get you excited about. Understanding God’s Word relative to prophecy is the central focus of where I’m headed. But, over the years, for whatever reason (s) of His design, God has unmistakably used the number 11 as a fantastic tool to steer my course in a certain direction giving me insights about specific prophetic Scriptures. I’m sure part of the reason for this has been to help me not give up, for early on it became quite clear to me that where I was going, prophetically speaking, was virtually an uncharted course.

Starting in 1978, overnight I developed an insatiable thirst to study and understand prophecy. I won’t go into all the details of that here, but want you to know that it had nothing to do with personal, self-induced motivation. It wasn’t like an option. I HAD to do what I did. It began by being awakened early — by God, in my honest opinion. In the beginning, I would be roused by hard knocks on the wall, close whispers in my ear, door bells ringing, and a variety of other ways! When I would get up to check these things, of course there was never anyone there responsible for the “shaking”. And we’re talking EARLY. Usually between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m.! Every day! For several years! (In fact, it still lingers to a degree — I woke up at 3:30 a.m. today to write this.) I would search and study the prophetic Scriptures for hour after hour until normal work time. It was during these times that the understanding now recorded in my book The Two Witnesses came together. As time progresses, and especially as the world scene continues to unfold as it is, I grow more certain that the information found in this work is of God.


I’m very much aware of false prophets and false teachers and how they usually got their start. Most of them supposedly had some kind of supernatural encounter with God or angels sent by Him to give them some new revelation. I want you to know that no angel or any kind of being ever approached me with dictations I was to record.

By God’s sovereign timing, I think, it just so happened that my prophetic studies began about the same time that I was learning about many of the non-Christian cults, particularly with regards to how their founders were initially, supernaturally “energized”. Being awakened in the manner just described didn’t particularly bother me. In fact, I would later simply smile, perhaps say a word of “thanks” for the wake-up call, get up and go on about my business, which was Bible study. After the pattern was established, the “knocks”, “door bells” and “whispers”, etc., began to subside. I don’t know, but I guess my spirit became a bit more sensitive as time moved along, thus no longer needing a strong stimulus to rouse me.


The first shockingly-different understanding of the book of Revelation that came to me was in the 11th chapter of Revelation. Later, I would discover that John 11 is intrinsically related to Rev. 11, both, of course, authored by the same apostle. I later wrote a second book on John 11 called IMAGES FROM GOD’S DARKROOM. (By “coincidence”, at about that same time, even the address of the place where I was born was changed by county officials to 1111. I would make these observations about such things, smile again, and go on about my business, although admittedly scratching my head and thinking, “Hmm...I wonder if God caused this?”)


The main emphasis in Rev. 11 relates to the two witnesses, believed by most prophetically-inclined expositors to refer either to a resurrected Moses and a returned Elijah, or to Enoch and Elijah returned, as they minister and prophesy during half (1260 days) of the final seven-year Tribulation period. (Elijah and Enoch are referred to as “returned” for neither saw death in the normal manner.)

What God has shown me (at least I attribute it to God) in no uncertain terms and incredibly-clear ways is that much of the book of Revelation is written with dual reference, two applications using the same words. I believe Revelation, especially chapters 6 -19, presents both a long-range picture of the Church age, and simultaneously presents a picture of a literal, day-for-a-day forecast of the end of the age. If one doesn’t grasp this truth, from my perspective anyway, it is impossible to understand much of God’s most important wisdom concerning prophecy during the Christian era.

Most theologians, expositors, pastors, teachers and serious students of prophecy seem to insist on an EITHER/OR interpretation of the book of Revelation. That is, most will say that one must take a Historical view or a Futuristic view. (The Preterist view — i.e., that virtually all the book of Revelation was altogether completed in early Church history — is a preposterous position to me. I would accept that certain aspects of Revelation did apply early in the Church age, but definitely not all.) But, I believe that both the Historical and the Futuristic approaches are primarily in view in the apostle John’s vision of end times, including many other prophetic passages that relate to the Church age. Frankly, I’m quite amazed that others don’t see (or reject) this reality because these same folks often admit that the Law of Double References, dual inferences, and/or multiple applications are found in many other areas of Scripture. Thus, why these principles would not also be expected to exist in the most profound and most important prophetic word of God, namely Revelation and Daniel, is a mystery to me.


To answer this in great detail would require a book to describe it and that’s what I have already done. You can read it online or you can request a hard copy if you prefer (free if you can’t afford one). But let me just present a few conclusions here from my book.

I believe the two Historical “witnesses” are two outstanding aspects of the Church which God planted in Great Britain and the United States of America. Now right off the bat, some will scream, “Lance is teaching Herbert Armstrong-ism!” Or, “This is nothing but British Israelism!” I do not embrace either of these positions. In fact, I consider both these approaches to be perverted teachings. It could very well be that this has been Satan’s strategy of leading astray certain individuals with notions that sound a little like the real truth of the matter, in order to add confusion, thus making the real prophetic picture of God’s design more difficult to convey to the body of Christ. That wouldn’t be new, would it?

Historically, as soon as many hear of what I believe, assuming they know something about one or the other of the above two positions (i.e., Armstrongism and/or British Israelism), they tend to recoil and run away from listening to what I have to say. Dear reader, I hope you won’t follow this course of action. Give this idea a chance to take root. If it doesn’t stand up reasonably, spiritually and/or Biblically to you, you can always later dispense with it and toss it in the “waste basket”. I am most certainly not in search of a “following”. I have one desire, and that is to serve my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in Whom I have placed my total trust, Who I believe has inspired the convictions I now hold with regards to Biblical prophecy.

For a complete study of why I believe the Church within GB and the USA fit the Historical imagery of Revelation 11, please go to the 11th chapter of my book. At the conclusion of this newsletter, I’ll provide the website where the entire text of this book is located. Of course, I hope you will read the whole book, but for a quick answer to your questions relative to the two witnesses, jumping ahead to the 11th chapter might whet your prophetic “appetite”.

(Important note: How GB and the USA can be considered God’s primary “witnesses” in the earth, alongside all the prevalent ungodliness and rejection of God within our shores, is explained in my book.)


Now, let me jump back to the main subject of this newsletter — September 11th. In the 6th chapter of Revelation is described four horses and their riders. For now, I will skip the first white horse and its rider. The second is the red horse and its rider. In the Historical sense, I’m convinced that this is Mohammed and the religion he started — Islam. After September 11th, I am more persuaded than ever of the correctness of this identification.

The apostle John tells us that the red horse rider would take peace from the earth and destroy with a “sword”. In his day, that’s precisely what Mohammed did in his movement throughout the Middle East and other surrounding regions. And in our day it is no mere “chance coincidence” that the terrorists on the planes on September 11th made their threats and held their hostages with bladed instruments.

On September 11th, 2001, you witnessed the fulfillment of prophecy right before your eyes. And this is just the beginning of the end of the end-of-the-age! The “birth pains” have commenced. Keep watching and listening carefully to the news in the days ahead, and I guarantee you that you will be hearing and seeing more and more talk about the sword of Mohammedanism. Some commentators will likely be recalling and discussing the Crusades again.

When those two WTC towers fell (ironically, it’s Oct. 11th as I write today), which, as they used to stand side by side, even literally looked like the number 11, I saw their fall as a foreshadowing of the eventual death of the “two witnesses”. You see, whether we like it or not, the 11th chapter of Revelation tells us in clear words that the “testimony” of the two witnesses will someday come to an end. And that when their “prophesying” is completed (i.e., preaching of the Gospel to the nations which has most definitely been America’s mission and reason for being), death will come at the hands of the beast that ascends out of the abyss (see Rev. 11:7.) The red horse and its rider are very much a part of the devil’s work.

ISHMAEL — MOHAMMED — BIN LADEN: the lineage goes on:

Even among the Arabic nations, Mohammed is declared as a descendant of Ishmael, the son of Abraham through Hagar, Sarah’s handmaiden. The Bible tells us that Ishmael would be a wild man. (See Gen. 16:12) He indeed was, and the tendency has been passed on to his progeny in such men as Mohammed and Osama Bin Laden.

The Arabic world descends from the loins of Ishmael. Ishmael is seen by the Islamic religion as the one God established His covenant with, not Isaac. But the Bible tells us exactly the opposite. Isaac was God’s covenanted child. (See Gen. 16:18-21) Abraham, via Sarah’s suggestion, sinned by having sexual relations with Hagar. Their purpose and hope was to fulfill God’s promise of a son to Abraham, believing that Sarah was too old to give birth to the promised child. Nevertheless, it was through Abraham and Sarah’s son, Isaac, that God gave us the Lord Jesus Christ. Mohammed, a descendant of Ishmael’s, was deceived and, whether he was aware of it or not, a liar. His God, Allah, was not, and is not, the God of the universe. And the religion of Islam is not of God. It is of Satan. Do not be deceived, Islam is evil-designed to oppose the God of the Bible, the nation of Israel, and the Church.

Please understand that I am not at all attempting to stir up hatefulness against Muslims among members of the body of Christ. Absolutely not! I am merely attempting to share the truth with you. I love Muslims, but I despise and reject their religion. Christ died for all confessing sinners who put their trust in Him, including those who descended from Ishmael. But I know He does not endorse the beliefs found in the Islamic religion. Christians must treat this information with the attitude found in Matthew 10:16: “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

However, don’t misunderstand me. I am not a pacifist. I was a Navy man during the Korean Conflict. Many times a Godly nation must use military force to protect its people and its land, and to fight against those who would try to kill its people and/or destroy the freedoms which God has provided them. What I said above about being “harmless as doves” means to not take out personal grievances against individuals. In personal contacts, we must always attempt to be Christ-like in our character, which is to say loving in all our ways. But, taking up arms against those who commit unjust wrongdoing against our nation, such as what occurred on September 11th, 2001, isn’t unloving. This may seem paradoxical but it really isn’t. In the end, of course, God will be our Avenger.

GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America

I believe President George W. Bush is a Christian. I love, respect and support him and his actions in many ways. But, like many other politicians, clearly he does not understand Bible prophecy. And he is wrong to express that Christianity accepts and/or should be in harmony with false religions such as Islam. This nation was not founded on the communion of multiple religions. It was based on Christians who came here to establish a nation with Biblical convictions and standards for the purpose of propagating the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. To not understand this is to remain ignorant of God’s design and plan for this nation.

To be at peace with all people so that the Gospel can be proclaimed to them is right. But embracing false beliefs such as Islam’s claims will always result in perverting the truth and reducing the power of the one and only true faith — i.e., the Gospel of the LORD JESUS CHRIST as revealed only in the Holy Bible.

It is always difficult to face a situation such as we are now in. We want to love, support and pray for the leaders in our nation. Again I say, we must “ wise as serpents, but harmless as doves”, knowing that many of our well-intentioned leaders are sincerely and ignorantly wrong by teaching that Christianity is compatible with Islam. Let us all pray...

“God, whether they fully understand Your ways or not, we ask You to bless, keep and direct the minds of our leaders so that Your will is accomplished through their decisions and actions. Amen, and Amen.”


Twenty-two years ago (two 11s as it turns out, when this was first written), almost 3000 miles from where I live here in California, I was asked to preach in the 11:00 o’clock morning service at a church in Georgia where I had been saved 34 years earlier. The pastor had heard of my prophetic studies and he requested that I share some of my convictions. That was the first time I had been asked to do this from a pulpit.

I spoke on the 11th chapter of Revelation with regards to the identity of the “two witnesses” from the Historical vantage point as outlined above. I concluded by saying, if my identifications were right, that in the not-too-distant future two nations would ultimately fall, GB and the USA, (including probably Canada, the primary remnant of the former British Empire). The date was August 5th, 1979. On that same day, my 19 year old son was rock climbing and he fell about 60 feet into Snake River Canyon near Twin Falls, Idaho, crushing both legs with multiple other injuries. It may seem bizarre, even sickening to some people, but I couldn’t help relating these coinciding facts — i.e., my prediction that very day of two nations falling and my son falling in a city named “Twin Falls”, and the fact that he broke “two” legs.

To be totally honest, I was angry at God, wondering why He hadn’t protected my family while I was out doing what I believed to be His business. But on the flight home the next morning, God got my attention in no uncertain terms. As I sat stewing in my anger and worrying about whether my son would live or die, a forceful thought suddenly penetrated my mind with overwhelming strength: “Martin is my son; you have the privilege of being his daddy; he will recover.” The immediate response in my spirit was, “Yes Sir! I understand!” I then sat upright, believed God and quickly got over my self pity.

From that day forward I knew my son would live and recover. But when his mother and I walked into that hospital room in Twin Falls two days later, it certainly didn’t appear that he would. It still hurts to recall the scene, which I won’t go into here. Several months later, after multiple surgeries, his chief surgeon said that Martin might lose one leg. I told the doctor who informed me of this, “No, he will not lose his leg; it will heal.” The doctor looked surprised by my emphatic statement. But the leg did eventually heal.

There’s another powerful and pertinent little story here. While driving from school one day (still walking with crutches), my son “saw” in his mind’s eye what appeared to be a straight bone and later asked me if I thought he might have had a vision, and wondered it meant. “We’ll just have to wait and see”, I told him. Several weeks later, one day he asked the X-ray technician (who made pictures of his leg regularly) if he could come back and watch him work. Reluctantly, he allowed him in his dark room for a few minutes. The Tech finished developing that day’s X-ray, flipped it underneath a light box on the wall, and there Marty saw a straight bone with the two-inch gap now filling in with new bone tissue (much like he had seen in the vision)! (Incidentally, I still have the two-inch piece of the original tibia bone which had exploded out of his leg, which had been given to me by Marty’s friend who was with him when he fell.) Today, with many scars still visible, nevertheless, my son walks straight and tall. PTL!

Four years to the day after Marty’s fall, August 5th, 1983, I was in a church in Southern California conducting a prophecy conference. It was the third night when a man stood before the meeting started and said something like this: “We need to be praying specially for Lance and his family’s protection. I say this because if what he is telling us is even partly true, he is surely high on Satan’s hit list”. And with that he sat down. Stunned, and frankly a little uneasy, I later stood and explained that, ironically, four years ago to the day, my son had fallen into Snake River Canyon near Twin Falls, Idaho and was severely injured on the same day that I first preached on my understanding of the “two witnesses”. I have always wondered if the attack came on my son because of what I had commenced preaching and teaching that very day.

(Incidentally, when I later looked at photos in the local newspaper, I saw a cross formed by fallen timber right next to where my son had fallen. In my mind, God had left His “calling card.”)

Over the course of the past 27 years (now 2007) I have indeed become increasingly sensitive to spiritual warfare in and around my life. A few years ago my daughter, her husband, three sons and a friend were on their way to southern California for a weekend outing. Suddenly, Jim lost control of the car as they neared their destination, the car spun, ran into the center divide and rolled. All six of them survived the crash and are O.K. My daughter has some back, neck and shoulder pain but, thank God, there were no severe injuries. (The car was totaled.)

One of the boys later saw something lying in the dust on the ground. Then my daughter picked up God’s “calling card”. Her Bible!

Satan intended both of these “accidents” for evil. But God intended them for good. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.


You have noted of course that in this article I linked Bible commentary with personal situations. Why did I do this? It is simply because I’m convinced that the two ARE linked. There’s no doubt in my mind that since God began to show me the truths I have briefly described in this letter, that Satan has attempted to discourage me from sharing my convictions, perhaps even to the degree of bringing hurt to my family. Why would he do this? Because if what I’m saying is so, much of the devil’s strategy and plans for setting up the kingdom over which he plans to reign are being revealed in ways that are not generally known by the body of Christ.

The prophecy talk that is most prevalent in the church today is almost always presented from a Furturistic-only base. This is fine insofar as the last of the last days are concerned, and I agree with much of what is taught. But what about the course of the past 2000 years, up to and including this very day? Surely many of you have also wondered and asked yourself the question: “Has God been prophetically silent regarding the whole of the Christian age?” Absolutely not! It just takes a little openness in one’s spirit, soul and mind, a little belief, a little study, a little logic, a little application of one’s time, and then the dual nature of God’s wisdom in His prophetic Word will begin to unfold for you.

Not seeing the Historical aspect of prophecy prevents us from seeing how the present is pictured for us in the Bible. Think about it, if Revelation is a Historical picture AND a Futuristic picture, both presented with the same words, then we can get a pretty clear understanding of where we are now on God’s time-clock. This removes much of the guesswork. It also allows us to identify more certainly the current “players” on-stage. This is what my book The Two Witnesses is all about. Give the idea a chance. Read my book. All of it. When you are finished, and if still not convinced, I sincerely believe that you won’t be any worse off than before you started.

Finally, let me emphatically state that it is not because of some special goodness in me, or anything of the sort, that you will be helped with the information I am trying to share with you. But if what I believe is correct, like all other help we get from the Bible, you will be nourished simply because it’s true. The Holy Spirit bears witness with truth. He does not bear witness with lies and deception. I put myself in God’s hands, trusting in the Lord completely to come alongside as you study my book. I make no claim to personal perfection or perfect understanding of Bible prophecy. But I do trust in the Perfect One, the Lord Jesus Christ, who I believe has sent me a “mosaic” of the main aspects of the Christian era as recorded in the book of Revelation and other prophecies in the Bible.

As indicated earlier, the current main “player” is Mohammed and his followers, Osama bin Laden being most prominent at the moment. His sword is drawn, extended and once again in use:

 “And another horse, fiery red, went out. And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword.” (Rev. 6:4)

If I have identified this Scripture correctly, in the short range future you will hear many words and see many pictures which will give clear evidence of the Islamic and/or the Mohammedan “sword”. There will also likely be an abundance of praise right here in America for the Islamic religion. So don’t be surprised or deceived when you hear all the “spin” talk which will be designed to disassociate the mainstream of Islam from the Muslim terrorists. I’m not saying that all Muslims are mean spirited who presently want to kill Christians and Jews. But the Islamic “bible”, the Koran, is rotten to the core, which does in fact teach that it is right for Muslims to kill and destroy the “infidels”. To Muslim teachers, those who resist Islam’s movement towards world domination are all infidels.

Never forget that the great shrine of Islam, the Dome of the Rock, which Mohammed’s followers placed on the site of the former Jewish Temples, was done so to inform the world that Allah, their God, obviously stands behind Islam as the true religion God desires for all people. I believe the Dome of the Rock is the Historical Abomination of Desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel and by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. In the days ahead, look for the more gentle mainstream to move ever closer to embracing the views of the wild ones.

In spite of the falseness of Islam, in the past God has often used Ishmael’s descendants, the Arabic national powers, to bring discipline to His people when they became un-Godly, rebellious and unbelieving. This has been true relative to both Jews and Christians. We are seeing it again.

Nevertheless, we Christians must pray for Muslims and for those who are in missionary outreach to them.

Dear reader, I believe that we are seeing prophecy fulfillment right before our eyes.

God bless and keep you, my brothers and sisters in Christ,

Lance Johnson

To read The Two Witnesses, go to: