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Welcome to Come & See's "good news" site. The articles found here are a compilation of Biblical studies I've done over the past 30 years. A brief note of explanation of each article will guide your interest. You should be able to simply click your mouse button over highlighted hypertext. If not, please let me know.

1. "WELCOME" This letter is simply an introduction to COME & SEE Ministries.

2. "HALF HOUR" This article is a prophetic message, an explanation of what is believed to be the meaning of the "mysterious" half hour of time mentioned in Revelation 8:1. It's really exciting to discover something that relates to modern times.

3. "EVENINGS-MORNINGS" This is another prophetic statement which also relates our day. It focuses on a particular 2300 "days" mentioned in Daniel chapter 8.

4. "MISSING NIGHT" This is a commentary on the number of nights which Jesus was supposed to be in the tomb. On the surface, one can only count two.

5. "TWO DAYS" God's mysteries are often hidden in symbolic numbers which were foreshadowed for us in the Old Testament.

6. "GATES" Jesus once spoke of the "gates of hell" that would not prevent the building of his Church. What are these gates? I believe there are three main forces to consider.

7. "NOAH'S DAY" Jesus said that conditions of the last days before the final judgement would parallel Noah's day. This letter briefly discusses these times.

8. "FOUR DAYS" There are four long "days", 1000 years for each "day", which Israel has largely remained asleep about their Messiah.

9. "MARRIAGE-DIVORCE-REMARRIAGE" It has been 30 years since God started restoring mine and Cindy's (my wife) 7-year broken marriage. We'd like to celebrate the occasion by sharing our testimony with you.

10. "SPIRIT OF LAWLESSNESS" Wickedness and rebellion are rising at a tremendous rate in our day. One sees the evidence of this in many different ways. This article focuses on several of these symptoms which most of us face every day.

11. "THE TEN VIRGINS" This article is a commentary on the parable of the Ten Virgins. Also covered here are thoughts regarding the possibility that the Rapture of believers may be a phased operation rather than a single incident. Before you call me a "kook", give a listen to the idea.

12. "SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY" This article is a summarization of the distinctions which the Bible makes between spirit and soul and their different salvations. Also included are answers to questions about rewards (both positive and negative) which Christians will receive at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

13. "SABBATH" Many denominations criticize those who worship God on Sunday. This article includes every verse in the New Testament that uses the word "sabbath", plus commentary on those passages. If you have questions on this subject, you should read the report.

14. "SABBATH PART II" Some people have already responded to the above Sabbath article; don't miss this follow-up.

15. "SEPTEMBER 11, 2001" This article covers the Biblical significance of what occurred in the U.S.A. on September 11th, 2001. Identifications are presented about America, Great Britain, Isaac, Ishmael, Mohammad, Islam, etc., and also discussed is how these are interrelated as described in the Bible. You won't likely find this information anywhere else.

16. "THE TWO CANDLESTICKS" A primary principle of understanding in my book THE TWO WITNESSES relates to what is called The Law of Double Reference. Briefly, what this means is that many Scriptures, but prophecy in particular (especially in Revelation), have both a long-range and short-range application. My book centers mainly on the long-range aspect, with a strong emphasis on the 11th chapter of Revelation which describes the "two witnesses". This article focuses on how the war in Iraq is one more example of the power given to the "two candlesticks".

17. "WOMEN'S ROLE IN THE CHURCH - PART I" One of the most controversial issues Christians face in our day relates to women's role in the church. I have been involved in several churches in leadership roles over the past 30 years and I can tell you for sure that this is not a comfortable or easy subject for both men and women to deal with. Nevertheless, I felt impressed (by the Holy Spirit I believe) to research the Bible objectively to find the truth and to settle this subject in my own mind. Here are my findings.

18. "WOMEN'S ROLE IN THE CHURCH - PART 2" Part 1 above of Women's Role in the Church is primarily Biblical commentary on the topic. But we also need to address practical considerations. I address that here in Part 2.

19. "LAW OF DOUBLE REFERENCE" Dual inferences based on the same verses are found throughout Scripture. This article explains the ‘LODR' and reveals particular illustrations which relate specifically to our day. Don't miss this critical presentation.

20. "Mystery Babylon The Great" Many views exist and differ considerably relative to what the apostle John called ‘Mystery Babylon The Great'. Here's my perspective.

21. "Spiritual Sodom & Spiritual Egypt" Homosexuality and false religions are extremely prominent in the news today. I believe these conditions were specifically predicted in the Bible to occur in the USA in our day. Read this article and see if you agree with me.

22. "Spiritual Sodom & California" The California Supreme Court made a decision recently which is advancing the homosexual movement a major step forward towards fulfilling the Scripture described in the book of Revelation, chapter 11, verse 8.

23. "Let The Fire Fall" Right after the Supreme Court handed down their approval of same-sex marriage in California, the state was hit with over 1100 lightning strikes causing the worst and most widespread fires ever recorded in California's history.

24. "Let The Fire Fall - Part 2" This is a follow-up article in response to the stir created among some Christians due to my first commentary on this subject.

25. "BREAKING NEWS" I'm here reporting on a competition concert between three ‘hardcore' bands. Three of my grandsons are members of one of these bands, which they call Your Second Chance.

26. "FOCAL POINT" This is a five minute broadcast which you can hear in Real Audio if you have that feature. If you don't have it, you can download Real Audio sound onto your computer free of charge and then you'll have it for use on other ministries as well.

God's best to you today.

Lance Johnson