A special “half hour”!


     In several of my writings I talk about what is known as "THE LAW OF DOUBLE REFERENCE", which is found throughout Scripture, but appears to be either rejected or overlooked by most prophetic writers in our day. In my book, "THE TWO WITNESSES", you will find many evidences of this reality. Let me here provide one example which demonstrates this truth.

     In Revelation 8:1 we read, "And when He opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour." Now if the literal-sense-only is considered, brevity of time is all that will be seen. But is there not possibly also a figurative sense here?

     Biblically speaking, I also used to think in a literal-sense-only, until God showed me some of His "hidden manna" as revealed through dual references and inferences. One day several years ago while studying Revelation 8:1, already well into the writing of "The Two Witnesses", I was intrigued by this verse. I wondered why in the world God would actually specify a certain amount of time like this — thirty minutes!

     Then, all of sudden I sensed a prompting in my spirit to look at 2 Peter 3:8. I'm sure most of you know the verse. It says, "But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day." Now I know all the literalistic expositors will be quick to share their wisdom as to what this verse means. Well, I believe the verse is a key time-tool, particularly with reference to prophecy, not merely an explanation that God is ageless, unaffected by ordinary time and circumstances of this world, etc., all of which is also true, of course.

     Next I looked at what I had already recorded in my notes — that Seal #6 (in the longitudinal sense of prophecy) was a picture of World War One. And, that the Fifth Trumpet was a long-range forecast of World War Two. Now, here in the Seventh Seal was a comment emphasizing a period of relative quietness! How strange, I thought. Then a "bell" went off in my mind. Here's what rang out: "USING PETER'S TIME-TOOL SCALE, DETERMINE HOW MUCH EARTH TIME IS MEANT BY HALF AN HOUR of 'HEAVENLY TIME'". To do this requires a simple ratio formula. "X" is the time number we're looking for:


         1/2 hour                          24 hours (a day)

------------------------      =       --------------------------------

         X years                           div. by 1000 years


Therefore,  X      =       1000 years x 1/2 hour


div. by 24 hours


Thus, X   =                500 years

                            ------------------------------        =       20.8 years

                                      div. by 24

This gave the math answer but I still didn't know what it meant. The "half hour" of quietness on Peter's time-tool scale would be 20.8 years. "So what?", I inquired of the Lord. Then, it was as if a "still small voice" said to me, "Lance, what have you concluded the Sixth Seal meant?" "World War One", I thought. "And what would be the next major war conflict?" "World War Two", of course. (These can be thought of as periods of great NOISE throughout the world.) I quickly went to the encyclopedia to check the exact amount of time between these two wars:

    WW1 ended November 11, 1918

    WW2 started September 1, 1939

The duration between these two world wars was 20 years, 9 months and 20 days. Putting this in the decimal system gives us a resultant time-span of 20.8 years, exactly equivalent to the period of about "30 minutes of silence" in heaven (using Peter's time-tool and applying it to what the apostle John foresaw).

         Is this mere-chance coincidence? Or, does it rather reflect the precision of God's Word? Is the evidence sufficient to convince you of the reality of the LAW OF DOUBLE REFERENCE? If not, just keep thinking about it. As you keep the thought in mind, don’t be surprised if you begin to see that this principle is applicable in many Scriptures.

         Of course you can read THE TWO WITNESSES online and discover many more evidences of the LODR, or you can order a hard copy of the book. There is a page here on the main website describing how you can order my books.

Love and Blessings in Jesus' name to you today,

Lance Johnson, O.D., Founder & Director

COME & SEE Ministries

Davis, CA.