There is but one main purpose for this and any other information you may receive from me: to exalt the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to advance the kingdom of God on earth in whatever way possible, and to edify the body of Christ with whatever gifts the Holy Spirit has mercifully endowed to me.

I am very interested in Bible prophecy, commencing around 1979. In fact, I became so serious in this study that in 1981 I founded COME AND SEE MINISTRIES, a non-profit, Christian organization, one of the primary purposes of which would be to focus and teach what the Word of God has to say about future events which would come upon the earth subsequent to Jesus' ascension, up to and including our day and His return.

For many years I have taught and preached (in a few pulpits and on radio), written tracts, articles, and books on the things which I believe God has shown me in His Word about prophecy. The primary literature that is available on this subject which presents my convictions is a 400-page book called THE TWO WITNESSES. (There are two other books also available: WHAT IS SAVING FAITH? & IMAGES FROM GOD'S DARKROOM.)

This introductory letter is an invitation for you to visit my website:


Here you will find virtually everything I’ve written over the past 28 years regarding the Christian faith, including the above three books as well as an archive of newsletters and articles. I’d like to say just a few words about Come & See's "raison d'tre", (our reason for being):

Most of the prophecy books that are available today abound with predictions about what the authors believe is yet to come, saying little about prophetic fulfillment over the past 2,000 years as described in the book of Revelation. Typically, most prophetic writers assert that the Church is removed from the earth at Rev. 4:1, and for that reason, unwittingly I’m convinced, eliminate any possibility of a long-range, Historical picture between Rev. 4 and Rev. 20.

It is not my intention to argue with my brothers and sisters and their Futuristic-only thinking. Things may "wrap up" in the end pretty much the way astute Futurists inform us. Actually, my end-of-the-age view differs little from most prophetically-inclined evangelicals. However, my strong desire is to challenge the reader with the concept that Revelation is not a book which forecasts ONLY the 7-year "Tribulation", but also includes key highlights of the ENTIRE CHRISTIAN AGE. How can this be? This was made possible by God Almighty using what is known (although seemingly forgotten, or discarded, by many) as the "Law of Double Reference".

God used this method throughout the Old Testament and I’m persuaded that He didn't change His style in the New Testament, as so many seem to conclude. I'm aware that there have been others who have attempted to make Revelation fit a certain set of historical circumstances which didn't unfold the way they described. It is probably for this reason that the longitudinal, Historical picture of Revelation has been largely abandoned by the Church. How sad though. In the presence of flourishing perversions of truth, some Christians tend to throw the proverbial "baby out with the bath water". (I'll have more to say later about the Law of Double Reference.)

So that I can at least get a hearing among the astute students of prophecy, it would probably be wise for me to share a bit of my prophetic beliefs. As I said, I too have a perspective of "last- days" events which basically follows this sequence:

1. I believe in a literal rapture of the church,

2. and that there will be a 7-year, end-of-the-age time-span when Satan will be operating at full force using the Anti-Christ, the False Prophet, and all that this regime entails,

3. a return to earth of Jesus Christ along with all the raptured saints,

4. Christ stopping the Anti-Christ rule,

5. King Jesus establishing a literal kingdom on this earth where He will reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords and resurrected saints reigning with him,

6. a 1,000-year Millennium during which Satan is 'tied' and prevented from influencing humanity,

7. during the Millennium I believe glorified saints of God will be living alongside normal humans who will re-populate this earth which will have been restored to pre-flood conditions,

8. a brief release of Satan at the end of the Millennium when he gathers yet another group of unbelievers out of the Millennial kingdom to rise up against Christ and His own,

9. the final separation of Satan and all his cohorts — both demonic and unbelieving humans — from the people of God,

10. finalizing with God removing the consequences of sin — i.e., pain, sorrow, and death, etc., and then believers from all ages will enter eternity where we shall ever be with God the Father and Christ Jesus.

Those who don't agree with this general scenario probably won't accept much else I have to say regarding prophecy. But I'm hopeful that my general convictions will cause the open-minded to consider the long-range picture of Revelation as I believe it unfolded these past 2,000 years. Some may ask, "Lance, if you have a Futuristic bias too, why is knowing the past of so much importance to us?" Good question. The answer is twofold: If my overall perspective is right, then it should be known simply because it's true! Secondly, again if my beliefs are accurate, then we can come very close to predicting when the end shall come, not merely by speculation but by determining where we are NOW on God's calendar as seen in Revelation. The Bible clearly indicates that God doesn’t want us to know the "day and hour" of Jesus' return, but it is equally clear that His desire is for us to know His general time-table of human history.

Once you allow the possibility of the whole Christian age to be pictured in Revelation (by the double inferences), those "images" may suddenly jump out at you, especially with a little help. You see, as long as you and I hang onto the notion that you must not try to see the Church on earth post-Rev.4:1, then you are immediately blinded to seeing anything other than a Futuristic-only portrayal. It is not a few simple points that makes my understanding of prophecy exciting and believable. It's how it ALL fits neatly together when laid out line-upon-line, precept-upon-precept, principles I’ve attempted to follow in my book THE TWO WITNESSES.

Now, may God bless and direct you as you explore the insights and teachings contained at my website. I'll gladly respond personally to all serious inquirers.

In Christ Jesus,

Lance Johnson, O.D.

John 21:25.