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Welcome to Come & See's "What Is Saving Faith? & Beyond The Basics" site. These are two books in one, available here and in hard copy. The chapters are arranged in sequence. A note of explanation of each chapter will guide your interest. If you see highlighted hypertext, or a box to the side, just click on it. If not, at the bottom of this page will be instructions on how you can go to the book site another way.

This is the introduction to the first book. You can visit it by clicking on INTRODUCTION now.

This is chapter 1 of "What Is Saving Faith?". It is called "The Elusive Faith Which Saves". This doesn't mean to imply that God has made His Faith difficult to find, but many obviously do miss the message. Go there by clicking on Biblical Faith.

This is chapter 2 of WISF. It deals with what, exactly, is SAVED when one becomes a Christian. Click on What Is Saved? here.

This is chapter 3 of WISF. Salvation comes immediately when one places his/her trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. But are there steps leading one to this decision? What are they? Click here and learn what the Bible teaches about this.

This is chapter 4 of WISF. Once saved, a believer becomes a member of a new spiritual group. And, he/she holds a definite POSITION in this special family.

This is chapter 5 of WISF. Do you know the Greek word from which we get our English term "salvation"? It has many implications. Check out this fascinating word SOTERIA.

This is chapter 6 of WISF. There are difficult passages Christians have wrestled with for ages. Take a look at a few of the tough ones.

This is chapter 7 of WISF. Once the "good seed" is planted rightly in a believing heart, there is a period of working out of that which is already positionally true. To be maximally fruitful there must be GROWTH in the spirit.

This is the summary of WISF. Click summary to go there.

Next is the second book in this twosome, "Beyond The Basics".  As
its name implies, there are things we need to know that should
accompany salvation, post-regeneration.  This perspective may
surprise some readers, especially considering the fact that I am a
fundamental, conservative Christian.  But I believe you'll find the
concepts very interesting.

This is introduction #2.

This is chapter 1 of Beyond The Basics. It addresses both conservatives and charismatics, from a Biblical perspective. Click on C & C to go there.

This is chapter 2 of Beyond The Basics. The Church is divided on many doctrines. No differences surpass in volume or relative importance above the subject of Baptism in the Holy Spirit

This is chapter 3 of Beyond The Basics. Another controversial topic is Once Saved, Always Saved. Is it of God?

This is chapter 4 of Beyond the Basics. This final chapter is actually a summary statement regarding the difference between spirit and soul and the difference between their salvations, where each goes at death, and several other vital topics such as one's position in Christ's coming Kingdom related to rewards, etc. Spirit, Soul and Body

Finally, we come to the epilogue. This is the end of both books.

You may obtain a hard copy of What Is Saving Faith? and Beyond The Basics here: Order book

I said above that those who could not load files via hypertext could see this book another way. Go to the website listed below. When you get to the site, you can load each chapter. They are arranged in logical...ABC...sequence as you'll see.


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