As already noted, the primary focus of this book is to show the historical highlights of the past 2,000 years believed to be predicted in Bible prophecy. The main content of those prophecies is found in Revelation chapters 6 - 20, where I will devote most of my attention. For convenience, I want the chapter numbers of this book to coincide with the chapter numbers of the book of Revelation. So, with only brief comments, I will include also the text of chapters 1 - 5 and 21 & 22. (It may come as a surprise to some to learn that Revelation 1:3 promises a blessing for the mere reading of this book of prophecy.)


I believe Revelation can be divided into seven distinct groups, which basically follow a sequential and chronological pattern. (There are exceptions to this rule and they will be noted appropriately in the book.)


Jesus Christ is presented as Lord and Redeemer. His relationship and authority over the seven churches is revealed.


John's view of the magnificence of heaven and Jesus' worthiness of being an exalted Savior.


The long-range historical forecast is revealed in these six chapters, commencing after Christ's first advent. The unfolding is described by the seven SEALS followed by the seven TRUMPETS. Each Seal and Trumpet explains a particular historical event which gives adequage information for us to see God's timetable as it progresses. Rememberthe long-range prophecy does not negate the concept that these same Seals and Trumpets also describe the final seven year Tribulation period. As you read, don't forget the LODR.


This chapter shows a broad overview of prophecy, beginning with the nation of Israel, and continues up through the entire Church age. It will be seen as a key chapter to the understanding of Biblical prophecy in general, and this book in particular.


This is a past, present and future 'picture' of Satan and his demonic forces, in association with certain individuals and nations which he inspires to set up his kingdom on earth. The focus is broad in scope, yet not without very detailed specifics. A very revealing chapter.

CHAPTERS 14 - 18

After the Church is raptured, God will use 144,000 set-aside Israelites for world evangelization during the Tribulation. This is discussed in chapter 14. Chapters 15 and 16 present the seven VIALS which contain the Wrath of God to be dispensed against the anti-Christ forces and all ungodly, unrepentant mankind. Chapters 17 and 18 reveal the identity of Mystery Babylon.

CHAPTERS 19 - 22

This group of chapters present God's more direct ties with man:

(1) Christ's personal, 1000-year reign as Lord and King over the earth. With Him will be His Bride (the Church) which consists of Christians from this present age. These will have new, immortalized bodies, similar to Jesus' body after His resurrection. The earth will be renewed and repopulated by ordinary people who survive the Tribulation. Israel will finally have 'their day'i.e., 1000 years under the Lordship of Jesus as their King.

(2) Satan will be bound and unable to tempt man during this 1000 years. Somewhat of a paradox is the fact that at the end of the 1000 years he will be loosed for a brief time and once again permitted to gather those people who willingly follow him instead of God.

(3) After Satan, sin and even death itself have been removed from man, God will take up His reign among those He has drawn to Himself. Then, together they shall seek "new heavens" and "a new earth" where only righteousness prevails. (2 Peter 3:13) Hallelujah!


This chapter includes certain key passages from the Book of Daniel which helps tie the whole prophetic picture together.