7. Gigantic earthquake, nations fall, islands and mountains gone...

6. Earthquakes, River dried up — preparation for Armageddon

5. “Beast” (anti-Christ) punished

4. Great punishment with heat

3. Fountains and Rivers judged

2. The sea dies

1. Sores on those with mark of the Beast

3 ½ year reign of the anti-Christ (see text for explanation)

3 ½ year build-up of the anti-Christ system (see text)


7. Death of the national two witnesses followed by the Rapture

6. World War 3 announcement

5. World War 2 (Apollyon = Hitler)

4. Air pollution began in 40s

3. River pollution

2. Sea pollution

1. Drought of 30s and 40s


7. 20.8 year time span between WW1 and WW2

6. World War 1

5. View of martyred Saints

4. Pale Horse = Crusades & Black Plague

3. Black Horse = Dark Ages

2. Red Horse = Mohammad

1. White Horse = Constantine

Crucifixion of Jesus Christ


Read above Chart from bottom up starting with the Crucifixion of Christ:

REMEMBER: The whole theme of this book has been to present a picture of prophecy of long-range proportions. Chart 1 here depicts that. However, the short-range, literal, seven-year reign of anti-Christ (i.e. prophecy as understood by practically all other evangelical writers on the subject) is included here also: — by the area just above and just below the horizontal line between the Trumpets and Seals. This portion is broadened out on Chart 2.