Chart # 1 gives a pictorial outline of the 'Tribulation'. As pointed out in this study, this refers to a specific time-span dating from some point after Jesus' ascension and continues up to the rapture of the Church. Following this, there will be a literal 1260-day Tribulation period beginning at the death of the national "two witnesses"the United States and Great Britain (Canada today being the main remnant of the 'British factor'). As you know, most writers concentrate solely on the literal side of this coin. But the chief emphasis of my book has been that we understand there is a 1260 year time-span of "witnessing" to be done through the Church within Great Britain and the United States. As I have repeatedly indicated, we don't know the exact "day and hour" when the national aspect of prophecy ends but all indications are that we are fast-approaching that time.

The Wrath of God period depicted on Chart # 1 is out of proportion (size-wise) relative to the reign of the anti-Christ but the space was needed in order to get the Seven Vials indicated on the chart. By simply looking at the chart, one gets the impression the dispensation of the Vials will last as long as the long-range aspect of the Trumpets. This is not true. We don't know exactly how long the Wrath of God period lasts, but it seems to be very short, perhaps taking only a matter of days. Immediately following this period will be the beginning of Christ's reign on earth during the millennium.

The second chart is a blow-up of the small seven year end-time period indicated by the narrow regions where the heavy line crosses between the rapture of the Church and the reign of the anti-Christ on Chart # 1. Everything to the left of the heavy vertical line on Chart 2 represents the 3 1/2 year build-up ("man of lawlessness" period) of the anti-Christ's reign. It begins at the time of the defeat of the two national "witnesses", the USA and Canada. Everything to the right of the heavy line (Chart 2) represents the actual reigning period of the anti-Christ, more commonly known as THE GREAT TRIBULATION. During this period (after the Church will have been removed), the 144,000 Israelites which have been set-aside will be used in a supernatural way of world-wide evangelization. The Rapture is indicated by the upward-sweeping arror at the mid-point of the final seven year period.


Charts are often misleading or misinterpreted. So let me take a little more time to further explain mine:

1. Read Chart 1 from bottom up and Chart 2 from left to right with page turned sideways.

2. As you progress up (or left-right), time advances beginning from the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, going up to the beginning of the millennium at the top of Chart 1 (or extreme right on Chart 2).

3. On Chart 1, at the heavy dark line, the 3 1/2 year build- up of the anti-Christ (on the bottom side of the line) is condensed into a small area and all of this period is then expanded out for you on the left half (with book turned) of Chart 2. Then, the 3 1/2-year reigning period of the anti-Christ (his heyday) is just above the heavy dark line of Chart 1, again expanded on Chart 2.

4. As you know, I've discussed the Law of Double Reference throughout the text. In line with this concept, think of Chart 1 like this: from Constantine up to the death of the two witnesses comprises the long-range Tribulation. After the witnesses are destroyed, there will then be a repeat of the same pattern of the Seals and Trumpets, only then the time period will be a brief 3 1/2 years. Thus, to see this clearer and more broadly, I've telescoped it separately on Chart 2.

Likewise then, the actual reigning 3 1/2 years, when anti-Christ reaches the climax of his wicked rulership, is again expanded out for easier viewing above the heavy line on Chart 2 (or to the right if you are holding the book sideways).

5. The millennium begins at the top of Chart 1 and at the extreme right of Chart 2.

Keeping these thoughts in mind, now look over the charts carefully.