Welcome to Come & See's "THE TWO WITNESSES" book site. This book is a commentary on Biblical prophecy. It covers most of the book of Revelation, parts of Daniel and other apocalyptic Scriptures. The book is available here in its entirety as well as in hard copy. For ease of continuity, the chapter numbers correspond to the chapter numbers of the book of Revelation. The 23rd chapter is the only exception to this, which is a commentary on various scriptures from the book of Daniel. If you see highlighted hypertext, or a box to the side, just click on the chapter of your choice. If not, at the bottom of this page will be instructions on how you can go to the book site another way.

Please do not neglect to read the Introduction of this book very carefully. The whole book hinges on how well you understand the underlying principles as outlined here.



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You may obtain a hard copy of THE TWO WITNESSES by going to Order book.

I said above that those who could not load files via hypertext could see this book another way. Go to the website listed below. When you get to the site, you can load each chapter. The chapters are arranged in logical...ABC...sequence as you'll see.

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