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Come & See presents
 The Bible Timeline Course 
12 Periods, One Story!
Early World
Egypt & Exodus
Desert Wanderings
Conquest & Judges
Royal Kingdom
Divided Kingdom
Maccabean Revolt
Messianic Fulfilment
The Church
Jeff Cavins’ worldwide-famous Catholic Bible Study
An 8-session course which takes you throughout Salvation History.
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Delivered by Catholic speaker Mauro Iannicelli through live-streamed talks which will include stimulating interaction.
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Do you feel the Bible is
too big and complicated?
So many characters and stories,
especially in the Old Testament!
The truth is that many Catholics
long to read the Bible,
but they don’t know how.
So they often start and quit.
What if we told you
that there is a
'once and for all' solution
to this problem?
The Bible Timeline System,
developed by Jeff Cavins, is the
fastest-growing Catholic Bible
Study in the world.

...and for a reason:
Because this course uses
a phenomenal approach
which actually
It divides the whole Bible into
12 colour-coded Periods,
easy to understand and memorise.
In our course, Mauro will walk you
through each of the 12 Periods.
This way, you will clearly see
how the many characters and events
in Scripture are related to each
other in one unified narrative,
from Adam & Eve to Jesus Christ.
You will grasp
the Big Picture of the Bible
from start to finish,
the Old and New Testament,
...for life!
You will understand the Bible
and you will enjoy reading it!
As a result,
your faith will grow,
your prayer life will improve,
you will be hungry for more!
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Our course utilises the world-acclaimed Bible Timeline Catholic Study System devised by Jeff Cavins.
Jeff Cavins' Endorsement of Mauro
as a Bible Timeline teacher for the UK.
THIS COURSE IS FREE for all dioceses, parishes & individuals.
Mauro Iannicelli offers this course under his Come & See Catholic Evangelisation Ministries.

Serving Parishes in teaching, formation & New Evangelisation.

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