Jeff Cavins' Endorsement for Mauro Iannicelli as Bible Timeline teacher for the UK
[1 min. 09 secs.]
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Hey I want to say hi to all my friends in the UK. You know, with the Great Adventure Bible Timeline I am always interested in finding people who can teach it and who can convey the beautiful mysteries of the Catholic faith by opening up Scripture.
In Mauro Iannicelli I have found such a friend and he has such a depth of knowledge of the Bible and theology that it's an honour for me to give my endorsement to him as a wonderful teacher.
I hope you will sign up and you'll go through the Bible timeline with my friend Mauro. He is going to open up the Bible in such a way that not only you will get to know God but you'll get to know yourself too and you will be introduced into the wonderful plan of sheer goodness that is laid out in the Bible.
So I really encourage you to sign up and when I come back in the UK sometime I'd like to hear all that you have gained as a result of studying with Mauro.
God bless you and may you have a wonderful, fruitful time in the Great Adventure, a journey through the Bible. 
Fr Alexander Sherbrooke (Parish Priest of St Patrick's Soho, London)
Fr Alexander gives his testimony about the two Bible Timeline Courses Mauro delivered in his parish
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Hello. I'd like to introduce you to the Bible Timeline course, which is run by Mauro. In the last two years here in San Patrick’s in Soho, we have run the Bible Timeline course twice. Each time it’s amazed me by the number of people who have come. There's been a least 100 people on each occasion.
Those who come do so with great enthusiasm. And they speak about how Mauro, through his very engaged teaching, really brings the Bible alive and helps people not only in their prayer on using the Bible for Lectio  Divina, but also for the more foursome celebration of Holy Mass and being able to follow the reading. They have a great sense of the completeness of the Scriptures, of how to use the Scriptures and, most importantly, to grow in their faith.
Mauro has a very engaged way of teaching the scriptures, bringing it alive with humor with a certain lightness of touch but most importantly, a great enthusiasm. People who have done this course I know, would very much encourage others to follow them. It's something that we can do at this time, perhaps when we're not able to attend in person and I know what Mauro is putting together will be a brilliant opportunity of finding a deeper relationship with the Lord, a deeper love of Jesus and, through that, a desire to evangelise and to share the Good News with us. God bless you.  
Annabel Ward  (National Director of Youth 2000 UK)
Youth 2000's National Director gives her testimony on the Bible Timeline Course Mauro delivered online for them
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Mauro ran a Bible Timeline Course on Zoom for Youth 2000 and it was amazing!
We had 130 participants who completed the seven sessions of the course and their feedback was excellent.
Many reported they now can see the Bible narrative as a whole; how the readings at Mass make more sense for them, and how they are now eager to go deeper in Scripture.
Thank you Mauro for your ministry! 
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