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November 2020
Jenny T.

I have been going to church for many years, listening to the bible readings. It is only after attending Mauro's course that I started to understand the story of the bible! The course was amazing - Mauro is an inspirational speaker. The Bible Timeline is a great resource along with Mauro's notes - Don't miss out on this spiritual journey!

Celia S.

With all the covid restrictions this year meaning that our lives have been lived on Zoom, I was hesitant about spending yet more time in front of a screen, but this course has literally been the highlight of my year.

As an Anglican clergy wife, I know parts of the Bible well but I had never really sorted out in my mind either the chronology or the geography of salvation history. Now it all makes so much more sense.

Mauro is a natural story-teller but the course is so much more than that and I felt that my soul was being fed. Grazie mille, Mauro - sei bravissimo!

Jose Maria V.

I want to thank you for the gift that the Bible Timeline Course has meant (and continues to mean!) for me and my wife. The sessions helped us make sure we made some room for 'what really matters' at least once during the work week, and all with the very friendly, relaxed and enjoyable -yet rigorous- approach you adopted. But more importantly, the session has made a lasting impact both in our interest to know more about what has been revealed to us through the Bible, and in how we live the Liturgy of the Word during Mass on Sundays - something we hope to pass on to our children as they grow.

Joyce M.

I'm just loving this course so far, and we are only at the introductory stage. I'm sitting down reading my Bible once more, and discovering the teachings of our Saviour. I've read the preparation notes, and have written my answers, and will discuss further with my Buddy. Thank you so much

I just have to say this course is really spot on, its like a light shining in my soul that I'd hidden for so long.

Thank you so much for another wonderful session. It brings joy to my heart, and I don't want to stop learning. Your teaching is so comprehensive, and at last I'm able to understand the Greatest Book even more.

Fast forward into 2021, I hope you are able to present more free courses to enrich my life's journey.

I'm loving every single week of study. Wednesday evening is for me, so I don't make any other arrangements. I like to read through your suggested homework, and re-cap the previous weeks study.

Ann H.

This seven week course is absolutely excellent and I would recommend it to anyone whether they have some knowledge of the Bible or want to learn something about it.

It is well structured and based around the Bible Timeline courses developed by Jeff Cavins and which covers the seven narrative books of the Bible from Old to New Testament.

The course leader, Mauro Ianocelli is an excellent presenter and his knowledge of the subject matter is clearly extensive, and has both breadth and depth. He guides his audience through the key events of the Old and New Testament emphasising Christ's genealogy through the Old Testament from Abraham, the six Covenants, key world powers and all the notable events; all of these are shown in the Bible Timeline chart. There is a good sprinkling of humour which helps highlight key points.

The course provides a clear, structured and coherent understanding of how the New Testament lies hidden in the Old and the Old is unveiled in the New. This shows how God's plan of salvation for mankind after the Fall of Adam and Eve which is discerned in God's works of the Old Covenant prefigurations of what He accomplished in the fulness of time in the Person of His Incarnate Son.

Each participant is encouraged to have a 'study buddy' with whom to discuss questions given during each session. These discussions often continue during the intervening time between sessions. There is also some optional pre-session reading which helps prepare for the coming session.

I thoroughly recommend this course, which by the way is free!

Carl W.

As someone who is currently exploring priesthood, your sessions are absolutely invaluable, I already feel less overwhelmed and intimidated by scripture in just these few sessions. I cannot express enough, my gratitude for making the course free it's having a great impact on the discernment process to Priesthood and I promise to give more financially when I am able particularly as I very much want to take part in your Scripture and Mass sessions next year.

Yvonne H.

I was buzzing with excitement after the first session. All I could think of was to spread the word and tried to get my friends and family enrolled in the course. I did this course in our neighbouring parish many years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. My big question is what I can do after this course to help my journey that leads closer to God. Please advise!!

Mary H.

Let me say thank you for such an informative course. Being a cradle Catholic I have often taken truths and teaching for granted. This is so easy to slip into despite trying not to. I studied OT and Christology at Uni many many years ago and of course have done very little since! This was a great opportunity to refresh much of what I had forgotten in a clear, simple format. It has also helped me make connections with my own day to day, Sunday to Sunday OT and Gospel readings.

To have the timeline laid out and explained made so much sense and simplified the often confusing 'melting pot' of scripture readings that seem to jump all over the place. I was pleased to discover that I was familiar with so many of the passages and stories but a lot was new to me and as I said helped me follow the plot!

The most striking teaching you gave was in the last session. If anyone had actually asked me why Jesus had to suffer and die to save me/us I would have been a bit vague, yet the fact that the punishment/ payment must fit the crime is now SO OBVIOUS!

As you said it was like the courtroom where the Judge does his job, passes judgment, passes sentence and then exacts the payment himself... just blew me away!

Rosaleen W.

You settled into it really well. It went smoothly without hesitation. Michelangelo; The last judgement from the Sistine Chapel expressed your words visually perfectly. A picture tells a thousand words! I personally learnt so much this evening and reminds me not to think that I "know" the stories because i am actually very flaky on it. Tonight clarified so much and leaves me loving God, the Trinity, more. May Our Lady of Walsingham continue to shine on you and Janet.

Everyone I know is loving the course and excited, looking forward to the next one on the 25th. It has come at the right time.....giving us something to focus on and learn from....God bless you and Janet, you are clearly quite a team!

I'm retired Infant teacher. The Bible Timeline is the most accessible RE course I've ever seen. All my career was frustrated by limited information and dry boring materials and resources. This method acknowledges that there are different learning styles particularly "Visual learner...multicensory hands on". Also the timeline historical story is vivid. Could be added to with drama for schools. I've sung praises of course and your gift for enthusiasm and clarity is essential to bringing it alive. Thankyou Mauro for all you and Janet have given....what a team God is good...all the time!!!!

Joy W.

Thank you for a very inspiring course. A friend of mine sent me the invite and I was not very enthusiastic at first to do a course immediately after finishing work in the evening. However, I found the course informative and enjoyable and each week it left me a strong message to think about that came to my mind several times in the week.

It was a course that inspired me not just to learn facts about the Old Testament but to deepen my relationship with God so I thank you for your ministry.

I also liked the humour with which you delivered the course so I wish you many blessings in your ministry and I hope to attend another of your courses in the future.

Julie D.

I just wanted to thank you very much for the recent Bible Timeline Course. It was so interesting to start from the very beginning and work through the timeline of the Bible linking events and characters to different periods. You packed so much detail into the seven sessions of the course and yet managed your explanations in a simple, easy to understand format while making the whole course interesting and entertaining.

I gained such a valuable insight into the depths of the Bible and I'm now looking forward to revisiting your lessons and learning more about the different periods. The Bible is no longer so daunting a book for me. THANK YOU.

Patricia B.

Thank you for your inspirational course. In a joyous and uncomplicated way you have shared your love of God with us and shown us how to understand and read the Old Testament and follow it through to the New. It has been a most rewarding journey with you. May God bless you and all the work that you do and grant you success after success

David B.

You are doing a great job and a number of our parish are tuning in to your course and you provide a very good supplement to Jeff Cavin's Bible Timeline 24 week course. It helps to go over things again and again and that way we can better retain all the details of the marvellous story of the Bible and Our Faith. What a blessing we have been given and it is our duty to share and evangelise.

You are an Exceptional communicator Mauro and have a zany humour which is both entertaining and a highly successful means of presenting the Key events of the Bible. Your skill at unpacking the detail is exceptional and compares extremely favourably with the methodology used by Jeff Cavin the author of the written material used in this course. As we know since the time of Jesus Ascension there will be no new Revelation - we live in hope only of the second coming-but God is always working in new and exciting ways amongst his people.

Unlocking the Bible has opened my eyes to the incredible story of Salvation history and your ministry Mauro is no doubt part of God's plan to enrich our Faith.

Antonio S.

Thank you both so much for your generosity and kindness in delivering this course on Zoom for free. Your explanation of the Timeline made it simple to follow once I grasped the Periods colour coding and the Biblical and Secular Timelines.

The course has made the Bible come to life for me. What were random Jigsaw pieces have started to fall into place and provide a clearer Big picture. You have done a great job delivering the content, your lightness and sense of humour have made it an enjoyable experience, and your focus and passion are really inspirational!

I found the course the perfect balance between seeing the Big picture of Salvation history and some good detail in just how great God is, and how faithful and persevering he is. This has helped me to better understand the Bible Big picture both in my head and in my heart.

What I particularly benefited from was the use of the Bible Timeline as a way of putting the Bible in both a theological and historical context. The walk through the timeline helped to explain the unfolding of God's 'rescue mission' through the series of covenants that God made with His People throughout history. In fact, by anchoring the Bible in its historical context, it makes me realise how REAL and Loving God is.

A H.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, I feel that I have a better understanding of the Old Testament. I am planning to carry on and revisit the time line, with the help of your fantastic notes, to deepen my understanding.

I have tried other bible classes but could not relate the "books" to the story, I felt overwhelmed, but you have given me an understanding of the different periods put them in to context, you have made it real for me.

You are a great talker a great teacher, your enthusiasm, knowledge and the relaxed atmosphere you create made me want more, like reading a good "book" that you couldn't or didn't want to put down. So thank you. I enjoyed your shirts, I would have liked to have seen you in the gold one ha! ha!

Caroline W.

I would like to say how much I am enjoying the Bible Timeline Course that you are presenting each week, and how grateful I am that you are providing this free of charge. Such a wonderful ministry. I definitely feel the hunger and thirst to discover more about the Bible. My appetite to learn more and understand more of God's Word has indeed been stimulated. I know that this course will really help open my eyes and heart to that learning and understanding.

I'm really enjoying the Bible Timeline Course...I found myself today really appreciating the Liturgy of the Eucharist more as I saw it in the context of the Jewish custom of sacrifice and Passover. The course is definitely enhancing and deepening my understanding and enriching my faith.

Rachel W.

As we are coming to the end of the Bible Timeline study course, I would like to thank you from my heart. You have transformed my understanding of the Bible. I have always struggled with reading the Old Testament. I will be joining you again. I would like to approach my parish priests about the course, if this is ok?

Antonia M.

Am so full of gratitude to you as this course has truly begun to open the Scriptures for me in a totally new way.I had always hoped to do the Bible TimeLine but never had the opportunity presented in a parish local enough to me!

It was a Heaven sent gift when the opportunity was sent to do it online with Mauro Iannicelli.

To be given the opportunity to study the entire Bible in 7 weeks in a way that would open up understanding of the entire Bible Narrative was truly a great grace! I now read sacred Scripture with joy and am reading it as never before. The daily Mass Readings, the O Antiphons all make a lot more sense to me! When the Genealogy of Jesus Christ was read recently - I listened attentively as I knew who all the people were!

I am attending Holy Mass with far greater understanding. God is speaking to me personally through His Word and I am more able to place present day global events in a Scriptural frame of understanding. I am able to claim the Bible as my own story and heritage in a way that is completely new to me.

Mauro presented the Bible TimeLine course in an engaging and enthusiastic way which kept my attention, inspired me to do the further reading and homework in preparation for the next session and even now I am continuing to read and study now that it is finished!

I had always prayed that the gift of love of Sacred Scripture would be granted to me - the Bible TimeLine opened the door to me for this and for that I am full of gratitude to God and to Mauro. Deo Gratias!

My prayer now is that somehow this Bible TimeLine course might reach all catholics at parish level! The grace of this Evangelisation through the Word of God will bring miracles of conversion to many. I pray in HOPE!

Maureen R.

Thank you so much Mauro for brilliantly written and precise notes. So helpful

Thank you thank you for your dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ and also to us in teaching us so faithfully. You have taken me on an amazing journey. I have tried several times during my life to wade through the Old Testament with very little success but you have made it so easy to follow and understand. Now I want to go and fill in some of the other books.

In particular I want to read Isiah.

Not only that but through the course I feel I have got closer to our Lord and I pray that will continue. Thank you Mauro. God bless you and Janet in all your endeavours for our Lord.

Avril Orr-Johnson O.

I am enjoying this course very much.You were indeed chosen by God to simplify the bible for people like me and many others who have been struggling. May God continue to bless you and Janet.

Ten years ago, I recorded some personal goals that I had aimed to achieve. Among these, was my spiritual goal of getting to understand the Bible. Fortunately, one blessed morning during the Covid 19 pandemic, my dear friend who happened to be my study buddy for this course what sapped me to inform me about this course. Later in the day, we had a phone conversation when she explained that I had missed Session# 1. I was not daunted by this. In fact I was eager to learn and nurture an intimate relationship with God. My excitement heightened when I further learnt that the course study was based on the Old Testament which I found to be rather boring to read and difficult to understand.

Wow, it was a dream come true after evaluating my six weeks virtual bible study experience. Mauro, you have erased my fear! You are indeed a charismatic leader and a dynamic teacher. You made learning fun and exciting with your strategy of contacting our study buddy to discuss the questions that were posed. Your lessons were carefully planned for each session and reference literature shared with students. Your ability to take us on the biblical, historical journey was phenomenal, especially when you dressed in your coloured shirt to highlight the different periods. It was amazing, travelling with you on this unpredictable journey that awakened my senses.

Additionally, your choice of backdrop picture for your live sessions enhanced your delivery at motivating my presence in class each week. I also admired when you took the opportunity to commend your lovely wife, Janet, for her continued

support. Added to your lectures, your zoom sessions at the end of the lessons were very interactive as you made yourself available to address our concerns. We were also able to see some of our bible study -mates and to learn from the question and answer sessions. I am hoping to continue in 2021 by God's grace.

You have done a great job and I wish to offer praises and God's continued blessings to you and your lovely wife Janet. Have a Christ- centered Christmas. I am taking this opportunity to thank you for inspiring me with your biblical teaching. I have since purchased the Great Adventure Catholic Bible and have received the notes that you have sent to me. I am devoting some time to revise my notes and read my bible for clearer understanding in my effort to build an intimate relationship with God. God's richest blessings and stay healthy and safe as I look forward to continue my bible study with you in 2021.

Julia M.

I am finding your Bible Timeline course riveting and energising. I found your Bible Timeline course EXHILARATING, EXCITING and EXHAUSTING, but exhausting in a good way!

In response to the question prior to the start of the course, I wrote that my knowledge of the Bible was fair, but as soon as the course started, I realised my knowledge of the Old Testament was weak! It was limited to Genesis - the Creation & Fall, the story of Cain & Abel, of Esau and Jacob etc, and some other stories from various books of the Old Testament, but these were not set in context. I had such limited understanding of the big picture.

I was familiar with the statement that one cannot make sense of Jesus without knowledge of the Old Testament, and that one cannot make sense of the Old Testament without Jesus. Without at least some understanding of the Covenants between God and his people, the great sweep of the story of Salvation was lost on me. I could only see the vengeful God of the Old Testament and not the God who nurtured and educated his Chosen People.

The Timeline itself is a fantastic resource and your detailed lesson notes are superb. Your faith and passionate delivery of the course were inspiring, so energising.

I loved the comedy of the shirt changes in tandem with the 12 periods studied. This caused much amusement among our Study Buddy group of 4

Maria L.

Thank you so much for your wonderful course! It was great to finally understand the Salvation story. As a catholic I knew the New Testament quite well, but did not really fully understand how the Old Testament stories fitted into the whole picture! I am now enthused to read the 'Walking With God' book and use it along with the 'Great Adventure Bible' to go over each period again! Your course notes have been invaluable.

Each week, I really looked forward to hearing about the next period of the course and loved your witt and enthusiam in your delivery. It was almost magical listening to your amazing Italian accent!' Thank you also to Janet, who although unseen on the course, played an important part in the background! I hope and pray that you both thrive in your ministry and may God Bless you both!

Maureen R.

I don't even know where to begin thanking you for providing such an excellent course. I now have a much clearer idea of Salvation History and a deeper understanding of The Bible.

Your planning was meticulous and the "homework" you set us was manageable and helped us prepare for the vast amount of information you gave us in each session. Your delivery was always enthusiastic and everything you said was clear and easy to follow and understand.

Your enthusiasm for your ministry was obvious as was your deep love of God. I look forward to joining you again for future courses you plan to offer.

Susan H.

I have enjoyed this course so much. As a 'new catholic' I have learnt so much. I can only say the delivery, the structure and the knowledge has kept me fascinated throughout. Thank you for this brilliant course. As a fairly new catholic I found it so very helpful, seeing who fits in where.

I am a teacher myself (adults) mental health tutor and would like to say how much I enjoyed not only the content, but your delivery too.

Mary K.

Thank you for running a wonderful course and creating a framework which has enabled me to have more clarity on the huge and complex subject of salvation history. The Bible Timeline chart is an incredible document, pulling together so many religious, secular, political and geographical threads in a concentrated form. This has enabled me to look at the Old Testament with more confidence. You have helped me to see the whole story in a clearer context, which I do not think I would ever have achieved otherwise

Your personal warmth, humour, enthusiasm and dedication to your ministry made the course enjoyable and rewarding.

Thank you also to Janet for her 'behind the scenes' work and technical support. God bless you both and wishing you every success with future courses.

Caroline D.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for this course. I'm very excited about my journey throughout the course, and I'm grateful for the exercises pre course as this will help gain a deeper understanding.

I was very interested to learn of your organization and what you do, and I think the idea of a timeline to use as a structure in especially the Old Testament will be invaluable to me.

I am learning so much from your course. It is excellent.

Joana S.

Thank you so very much for the impressive course you led about the bible timeline chart. I was amazed about how much I learned and how easy it was to follow each week.

I must say that I wasn't quite sure what I was going to find in the first session but the way you structured the course, all the resource and recommended reading, and the way you presented everything made me very eager about joying your every Wednesday. And what a pleasure it was!

Personally, the time needed to go through the recommended readings for the next session was a bit much, but I decided to offer that time to the Lord in exchange for other things and the rewards of this choice were immense! Again, I can only thank you for offering this course for free and for all your efforts in making it so rich in content.

Furthermore, I'd like to make myself available to share your ministry and courses at my parish.

Zina N.

I attended the free 7 week online Bible Timeline Course in November 2020 run by Mauro Iannicelli and was overwhelmed with joy and excitement at the study method used to explain the 12 eras of the Bible using colour coded methodology, which is perfect for someone like myself who is dyslexic. Dyslexic people use colours a lot when they are studying - for example, I need to highlight a lot of things as a learning mechanism. Using colour schemes help me to memorise or remember stories and events and helps me to put things into sequence or into a logical order.

Mauro's teaching was excellent. Thorough, precise, and logical. He was able to explain the Bible in ordinary everyday language. No previous academic knowledge is required.However, I am currently studying Theology and found this Bible Timeline course absolutely invaluable for it has enabled me to understand my Theology course with much more clarity. Everything starts to make sense.

I am over the moon at what I have learnt, so much so, that I chose to purchase the Bible Timeline Chart, which is an invaluable guideline chart, the book "Walking with God: A Journey through the Bible" - which is an excellent summary and commentary on the key events of the Bible and as a gift, I have received The Great Adventure Catholic Bible - which is so much more than just a Bible. It is a good quality study Bible (one can research more about it on YouTube).

This is probably going to sound too good to be true, but I can honestly say, that this was one of the best courses I have ever attended and it has changed my life in opening my heart and mind to the deep riches contained in the bible, a clearer understanding of our historical Catholic roots as well as a deeper personal relationship with our Father in Heaven, his Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Rita J.

It was very interesting, clear and informative. It was interesting how you explained Humanity's love of Adam & Eve ie marriage is/should be like Divinity's and the Love within the Trinity and that a marriage would be enhanced if both parties had this understanding.

Josephine L.

Thank you so much for this interesting and informative course. I have learnt far more in 8 weeks than I would have thought possible. Despite attending catholic schools my knowledge of the bible was sadly lacking and in particular the Old Testament. I now realise how important it is. I feel that only knowing the New Testament is like starting to read a novel in the middle of the story rather than at the beginning. This course has encouraged me to know more and I am enthralled when reading the bible now.

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation, clear explanations and good humour. I pray that God will continue to bless you and your wife, Janet and your ministry. The fact that your courses are free of charge is a blessing to those of us who are on a tight budget. I am a trainer for the Hospitalite Notre Dame de Lourdes and Pilgrimage Co-ordinator. If you ever come to Lourdes I would be more than happy to be your guide and share my knowledge of Lourdes and St. Bernadette with you.

Sheila S.

Thank you for a wonderful teaching session this evening . I am starting to get things so much more into perspective than before. The Old Testament was always a mystery to me but now I am starting to appreciate it all so much better

I found this a wonderful course and have learnt so much compared to what I learnt at school. I don't want to be unappreciative of what my teachers did for us then . We did not have the benefits of computers & videos, but your timeline course has put it all into a much better perspective.

You have taught us not only the facts spanning a huge period of time and giving us such a good historical background to all the events, but also a very good appreciation of the leaders and prophets and spiritual aspects.

I especially enjoyed the periods on the Messianic Fulfillment and The Church with your teaching on John, Peter and Paul .

Several things have clicked into place for me and it has stimulated my interest for more knowledge and more appreciation.

I thought that the way you presented the course was really excellent and thank you for sending us an email every week giving us the home prep and the Wednesday reminder .

The only thing I was not very happy with were the questions you asked . I could hardly answer any of them. I was depressed by this but am trying not to dwell on it as it might detract too much from my appreciation of the whole thing .

You said that you would like to meet us all sometime. Couldn't we meet some time in Westminster? As you probably know, there are meeting rooms not far from the Cathedral. Obviously it couldn't be till the Pandemic is better controlled .

Jennifer A.

This was a very interesting course. I have done many Bible courses before but this one has been the best. As our presenter you've made the sessions very easy to follow. You were always punctual and well prepared to deliver the sessions. In addition, you sent the preparation work way in advance so that we could get ourselves acquainted with readings beforehand.

I was particularly overwhelmed with the way you made the Old Testament so easy to follow and understand. I liked the way you broke up the events in sections on the TimeLine Chart. I've been struggling to comprehend some of the events in this book and now, I'm delighted to announce that you have transformed my apprehensiveness of this section of the Bible.

I can now relate to these events in this section of the Bible in a more meaningful and intriguing manner. I can also share my experience with my friends and candidates in my confirmation class and encourage them to participate in future courses.

Finally, thank God for your deep spirituality and for imparting you with the wealth of knowledge for this Bible Course and what is more important you gave it free of charge. I am eagerly awaiting the courses in 2021.May God bless you and Janet as you continue to work tirelessly in his vineyard.

Samantha M.

I would just like to say how much I am enjoying the sessions. You are a great presenter who makes the sessions easy to understand and follow and I am getting a lot out of them.

I have always found the bible a bit overwhelming and confusing but you are making it really easy to understand and logical. After every session I am full of joy and eager to share with my family what I have learnt so I would just like to say a big thank you for all the time and effort that you put into this.

Teresa H.

Thank you so much for putting on this course. I have certainly learnt more about the Old Testament. The Bible timeline chart is a must to accompany the course. I didn't realise I knew so little. As a reader at our Church, I find now the readings from the Old Testament I read at Mass make more sense as I understand what the Israelites were going through at that time and I now know more about the prophets.

Well done for your presentation. I was hooked and couldn't wait until the next session.

You have such enthusiasm and your faith shines through. I would certainly recommend this course.

Spiridiona W.

Thank you very much for such an inspiring session. You are giving us a good outlook on the revelation of our catholic faith. Well done for a passing on your faith in such a remarkable presentation.

Bridget H.

You're unique style of teaching is charming and clear. There is a huge amount to cover and you (together with Jeff Cavins concept) provide a comprehensive path through the Scriptures.

The pace is fast and at times I fear I will not keep up, but I know I can absorb the spirit of the sessions and learn to listen to God at the same time as listening to you and following the sessions.

Deirdre D.

I have been very impressed with your professionalism and warm and natural manner, Mauro, and feel confident that if I follow your course to the end, I will definitely come to understand the bible more fully. Thank you it was an excellent introduction.

Claudio B.

Your course has been incredible. I understand there is much more to say, but it is precious to know the time line of the Bible. It really gave me an additional pair of glasses to read the Bible in the correct context. As you said, the Story of salvation is our history, it's just not chronological (we might feel like David when we are teenagers and like Israelites in the desert when we are young adults, even if the desert wanderings occurred before David). It is important, therefore, to know the Story of the Bible also narratively so that you can better read the scriptures in the moments of your life.

Also your past impressed me: the fact that you tested your vocation in the seminary and after four years took your decision for a different path. I also wonder about this paths for the future and I am in the process of testing of possible career path. Thank you very much for your course, I really enjoyed it and it has been very useful. In the future, I will gradually work on the material that you suggest to learn step by step something more. If I can come up with some contacts or skills that might help you, I won't hesitate contacting you.

Jolanta E.

The session was really clear and the imagery links between the trees (knowledge and Jesus' tree) and explanation of the flood were really excellent and helpful.

Ian Edwards Feedback: We found the course really enjoyable, informative and think that it was a great initiative for our diocese to have taken part in. I'd also like to thank you Mauro Iannicelli for the time and effort you have put into creating and running this course together with the enthusiasm you brought to it. It can't have been easy running an online event like this over a seven week period. Your efforts in this ministry of Evangelisation are much appreciated.

Fr Chris Vipers response: Thank you so much for your very affirming and gracious email. I am delighted to hear that both of you found the Bible Time Line course so very stimulating. Your experience is, I know, echoed by many others.Please keep Mauro in your prayers.

Elaine M.

What an awesome experience the bible timeline has been! I wonder if you could target schools with this wonderful history course in addition to Parishes. I only wish that I had seen it sooner! What a revelation!! It was so good, I want to repeat it, and do it all over again! :) No joke!

It has been a very enlightening experience! You have brought the bible to life for me and given me more of a thirst to find out more. I can't thank you enough!

Your humour has been great to watch too and brought a lovely light touch of fun. Thanks a million!

God bless you! Warmest wishes for a very blessed Advent and beyond with beautiful Janet and your ministry! I have saved the dates in my diary for your forthcoming teaching on prayer etc and I look forward to future events! :)

Frances H.

As a Catholic, when I was at school, we were taught the Latin Mass, the Sacraments and the New Testament. We knew stories about the Creation, Adam and Eve, David and Goliath, the Ten Commandments, but we did not study the Bible in any detail. Since then I have tried reading the Bible but found it difficult.

However, the Bible Timeline Course devised by Jeff Cavins and presented so eloquently by you has enthralled me. I have looked forward to each presentation and I have recognised Old Testament readings in the Mass. It has made me want to study the Bible more. I intend keeping Wednesdays free for the courses in 2021.

Jocelyn R.

Christopher and I are enjoying your course very much. Until now I have found the Bible indigestible at times and have rather given up on it! You are making everything wonderfully clear. I can't believe how much we are learning from you!

We shall miss you when the course comes to an end. We've told a friend of ours about the course. He is a Franciscan friar currently studying at the Gregorian University in Rome. Huge thanks to you and to Janet for a really amazing insight into the story of Salvation History.

You have brought to life all those biblical characters of whom we knew all too little.

And you have clarified the connection between the Old and New Testaments and given us a little understanding of God's unceasing efforts to bring ALL His children safely to everlasting life with Him in Heaven.

Lisa T.

I sincerely thank my friend for sending this course information and encouraging me to participate in it. I also express my deepest gratitude to you for your time, patience, humour and energy that you have exhibited during these seven sessions.

Linda K.

I truly learnt so much about the structure of the bible and the continuity of God's message throughout history from doing this course. It helped me to connect the dots and make sense of the entire bible at long last. This is a most invaluable gift and it has set me on a much more confident footing with everything in the entire Bible.

Veronica B.

Many thanks for your recent, most enjoyable Bible Timeline course.A definite refreshing and renewing capsule of Old Testament complexities!

Recollections too, of the vivid pictorial teachings from my Children's Bible which are forever imprinted in memory, as commented and shared with 'study buddy'!

Your enthusiasm, sense of humour and passion for Jesus delivered simply and joyfully.

God Bless you and Janet in the growth of your Ministry.

Doreen M.

Thank you for organising this course. It is absolutely what I have been asking the Lord for; to know and understand the bible more and specifically how am I going to do it when I never seem to have time? This is it!! You have made it so easy to follow and understand. I am thirsty for more!

Sue O.

Thanks Mauro for this 'potted' version of the Bible Timeline. It is excellant for me as it provides an easily digested overview of the full version course I did several years ago and is a good refresher course.

On a personal note I am very much enjoying your presentations. If I may be so bold... your presentation this evening was a lovely combination of the factual and lightheartedness. I came away with a big smile on my face.

Maria V.

My impressions of the course so far are positive. Your manner is open and informative without being preachy. The colour of the shirts is a quirky extra to emphasise the period which we are studying in each session, so also good, keeping it light and amusing.

Your proposal to run the course at Easter next year is a good one, which I hope many parishes will consider. Fr Tony Thomas, the assistant to Fr Norbert would be interested I think. We got half way through Jeff Cavins course before the lockdown stopped proceedings in March. Your on-line course is easier to organise in these restricted times, and it is more flexible allowing people to catch up if they miss a session, or to go back over something if part of the evenings broadcast is missed, using teaching notes or recordings.

Jenny B.

Thank you Mauro. I am enjoying the course - I have already learned a lot and your wonderful sincerity and enthusiasm are really inspiring.

Thank you for a wonderful and informative course which has provided me with a 'key' to reading the bible and increasing my knowledge of salvation history. The course provided exactly what you said at the beginning - your presentation was excellent.

Straight forward, informative but easy for follow although you provided us with many opportunities to reflect and deepen our knowledge and understanding.

Pauline O.

I have learnt so much from you already, the marriage link of Adam and Eve to The Trinity. As a Catechist we have always used the wedding at Cana to explain the Sacrament of marriage. I will be telling my lead Catechist of your link when are ever allowed to meet to consider the next course. Your explanation of circumcision, I had never understood it before. The detail you go into is so good, thank you, for bringing it all to a level I can understand. So many books I try to read use big words I have a dictionary beside me to look them up, which constantly distracts from the text. Its so good to understand what I am being told, I am loving it.

Mauro, As you spoke I decided the amount I would give, before you gave the resource options. The amount I am donating is what I wanted to donate with or without the recourses. Thank you for your insight and enthusiasam.

John C.

Thank you for putting together such an interesting and informative course. It allowed me to have a more meaningful insight into the readings at mass and a greater understanding of the Old Testament.

Your enthusiasm and passion to ensure the participants understood the bible stories during the on line course resulted in the hour and a half speeding by with important messages reinforced in your study notes and the Bible Timeline Chart.

Ghislein d.

Thank you Very much for another interesting and inspiring session of the Bible timeline course. I really look forward to a Wednesday And thoroughly enjoying every bit of it!!

I have always wanted to know more about the bible but haven't had the motivation to read it.

You have put a amazing new dimension and have captivated a sustained interest.

Your amazing biblical time line course had awakened a thirst for knowing the Bible better and I'm very keen on reading and absorbing your notes even more during this lockdown

Alina K.

I just want to say how much I have been enjoying the course. I have found it informative, encouraging and enlightening. I have already told friends about the upcoming course in Easter 2021.

Please send us a reminder closer to the time. I just wanted to ask about friends in Europe who want to participate and even as far afield as Australia

Angela P.

Thank you so much for this course. I have now caught up with the two missed sessions and learnt more about the bible than in my whole life. It is extraordinary how much information is in each session and yet it does not feel overwhelming.

With many thanks for such a helpful course and it is so easy to listen to as you bring a lightness of touch (I love the change of shirts).

Michael M.

I enjoy my participation in your weekly bible class. As a 68 year old catholic who has always struggled to understand the Old Testament I must tell you that this course has given me several new insights already!

Elisabeth K.

I just wanted to let you know I think it's phenomenal. I don't always find understanding our faith easy and your explanations are an immense help. Thank you so much!

Anne T.

I want to say thank you for the Bible timeline course. It has been amazing and riveting, and because it was done so efficiently and thoughtfully, I have learned so much. What once was bits and pieces, and passages from the Old Testament and the New, you have strung it all together and shown how all of the Bibles is the story of mankind, and Gods ultimate love for us, and his desire for us to love him.

Thank you for your ministry, thank you that you said 'yes' to Gods calling, and if others can get a sliver of the love of God through the Bible, then keep spreading the word through this ministry.

Angie B.

Thank you so much Mauro for this course - to me, it is the best way of understanding the Bible, honestly. I didn't know much about the Old Testament before but this course has given me more knowledge that whenever I hear or read some excerpts or out of context from the Bible, e.g. Scripture reading or readings at Holy Mass etc. - I now have an idea which period it is, and thus understands them even more.

Moreover, I am soooo glad that I have participated this course; it made me want to read the Bible more and deeper. Every Catholic should know the history of our salvation - how God love us so much since from the beginning and have never give up on us - the greatest love story of all time!

Ethel L.

It was amazing . Thank you for the tips that we would be able to understand it more quickly. I am now more interested to know more about the bible and how to share it to others as well .

Sara C.

Thank you very much for this wonderful Bible course. It is exactly what I was looking for in this moment, a time line, and it came to me at the right time (surprise, surprise of course we know nothing is a coincidence!)... incredible, really.

I would love to tell my parish priest about it. My parish is Holy Ghost in Balham, and the priests are Fr Richard and Fr Giovanni. You are doing an amazing job. Many many thanks

Phil B.

Excellent course! Very clear audio/visuals and the teaching is very accessible and engaging. Can't wait for next instalment! Your course is bringing me so much closer to the Bible.

The Old Testament has always felt rather remote for me, but I'm really starting to connect with it now, so thank you! I'm also excited about future courses you mentioned - especially the Bible and the Mass - it sounds great.

Christine A.

I have been looking for something like your course for many years as this was what I was lacking, the knowledge and understanding of the Bible and when Ive tried to read it, I couldn't make sense of it and it being so large too.

A friend told me about this course and I was delighted to try it out, it is fantastic that you deliver it free of charge too which is why i wanted to donate some money at least for the notes which is a great idea! I felt you mixed the delivery of the course with humour and solemnity, it helped me that you said a prayer beforehand and at the end as I always panic that I'm not going to understand things, but your prayer at the beginning put me at ease in trusting in the Holy Spirit.

It was delivered at the right pace and I liked the way you had pictures and the colour of your shirts changing etc. I learned so much from the course that now at mass I understand the readings and I have a picture in my head of that time from your account of the narrative of the Bible. It has helped me so much and it's helping me to be a better Christian too.

This is because of your explanation of the prophets and people that were here before Jesus and I could see a pattern in the way God works and how we are so frail and weak but that God loves us so much anyway and is always there to help us and give us chance after chance so thank you so much. Understanding this from the Old Testament was like a revelation for me as I have never understood this before. It has truly changed my life as a Christian and my outlook on daily life so thank you so much again.

Ken R.

Just a short note to say that I have attempted to read the Bible on a few occasions and listened to it on tape a few years ago.

I started your course sceptically, feeling that I would listen to the first couple of sessions and more than likely give up after these. I have, however, found your talks both interesting and very informative and look forward to listening to all your sessions.

Sharon W.

Just to let you know I am absolutely loving the course and your course notes really enrich what you are saying. This is really opening my eyes.

Joyce P.

I'm just loving this course so far, and we are only at the introductory stage. I'm sitting down reading my Bible once more, and discovering the teachings of our Saviour.

I've read the preparation notes, and have written my answers, and will discuss further with my Buddy.

Evelyn K.

Just want to say how much I really enjoyed the Zoom bible timeline course with you Mauro! I've learnt a lot and it's helped me to read the Old Testament in context. I think every Catholic should do this course - it will help a lot in deepening our faith!

Raqs L.

I deeply admire you both for your amazing work! Every session is super enlightening and powerful!

Last night, Joseph's wonderful story made me cry and I thought of Jesus life story too.

All your questions were so clever and it touches my heart especially this question; My answer was speak/pray to Our Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit

Will definetly support your ministry. Thank you again for all the teaching - so much lesson to learn and put them into practice and to share to others.

Jenny S.

I had originally planned to do the course at my parish which was cancelled due to lockdown.

I have read the Bible before and of course heard it throughout my life during daily Mass over the years.

I found your course helped to develop the entire story of Salvation History and the need to trust in God come what may.

It has made sense of things and helped me to understand individual readings as I never did before.

Your passion and enthusiasm for your life, your marriage, the word of God and His Holy Church is inspirational during the times in which we are living and I thank you for making it so enjoyable. I will pray for you and your mission.

Raquel D.

Thank you for your amazing work and dedication. May our Lord Jesus Christ lift your ministry to reach out to more people like me who have wanting to know more about the Bible and our catholic faith.

Diana B.

I continue to enjoy the way you present the course, as well as - the new knowledge I am gaining (e.g. Shem's offspring and Ham's offspring) - the way you relate the learning to Catholic life.

Thank you for the engaging way in which you have led and accompanied participants, via YouTube, through the Bible Timeline Course.

You wanted the sessions to be not just informational, but transformational; you shared some of your own story, to help with this; you generously offered preparatory study and questions for each session. All this underlines your commitment to the people studying the course. As a Reader at Mass, experiencing this course has really deepened my knowledge and understanding of the Old Testament. There have also been very valuable insights into the New Testament, including that very important quotation from St. Thomas Aquinas.

Olivia R.

Please encourage Mauro that his course is wonderful and we laughed out loud at his wonderful shirt changes! What a lovely ministry you have.

Margaret H.

The method you use really brings out the story and yes you are right it is exciting and so profound. our explanation is easily understood. Tempo is just right not rushing but giving us time to assimilate the meaning of the main points in the passages of Genesis. I'm looking forward to our next session, and I think it's a good idea to prepare during the week so that we can enter more fully into the sessions.

Josie B.

Excellent presentation, well put together, not too wordy, followed it very easily, your tone and pitch are perfect, look forward to joining the next sessions

Kevin M.

This is the 2nd time I have done the Bible Timeline Course. The first being a few months earlier. I decided to embark on this journey for a 2nd time as I felt there was so much valuable content in the course that I could not absorb it all the first time. I did the course with a number of people from my parish home group.

I coordinated a Zoom so that we could discuss the study buddy questions together. This Zoom carried on after the live stream ended so we can take some time to share our thoughts on what we had heard and to wrestle with themes that arose. I am grateful to Mauro and his ministry for putting such a fantastic course together and I look forward to participating in future courses.

Maria J.

Notes - fantastic - so helpful, well laid out and good summaries as well as deeply insightful.

Weekly sessions - myself and now my son Rupert too, have been really enjoying! I laugh each session and we are often in awe at God's incredible goodness and wonder at the insights. We have been intrigued at the types you reveal guiding our minds to Jesus! Helpful range of your direct teaching, some visual main points and the questions you pose.

Breeda B.

Thank you Mauro. I really enjoyed each of the 7 sessions. Not only was it so very informative but also entertaining. I looked forward in anticipation to each session. It was easy to follow and the colour chart a great advantage. I also benefited from having purchased the book Walking with God and look forward to using my precious new bible. I do intend to revisit the videos once the Christmas period has passed.

I highly recommend this course and would repeat it myself if the opportunity arose.

Ann Theresa D.

Thank you for running the Bible Timeline Course. I have always struggled with the Old Testament but you made it come alive. You presented the Course in a humorous and enlightening way and so have inspired me to delve further into the Supplemental Books.

I have the Bible Timeline Chart and the amazing Great Adventure Bible which should be of help. Even when problems occurred you remained upbeat.

I particularly liked your whimsical way of dealing with the colour coding of the Course. I hope you will get your wish and Janet will allow you to wear your orange shirt more often!!

Eileen R.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, learned alot from it. I suspect we differ markedly theologically, I am a liberal feminist. But we all belong together and want to know more about the Bible, so many thanks for the course

Christine G.

I am enjoying your course so very much and am looking forward every week to wednesday eve! As a Catholic we didn't study the Old Testament at school and so you are filling in all the gaps for me. I am learning such a lot

Peter S.

Just to say a huge thank you for what you are doing. The course is brilliant! What has helped me, is buying the Timeline Chart and Walking with God book and as you emphasise, the preparatory work really helps to get the message home

Thanks for another great presentation last night. I have been over my notes again this morning - it is amazing how the story of Genesis opens up and its many messages to us and its resonance in the New Testament.

Beatrice N.

Thank you very much Mauro and Janet for this course, it is an amazing experience. You have made so easy to follow, it is fun too! It's a great opportunity to be finally engaged in understanding the Bible!!

I would like to buy the full package to refresh my Bible studies regularly and gain confidence for evangelisation. Can I please pay in three installments? Thank you for your dedication and support. God bless you abundantly. I pray that one day I can teach others just like you do Mauro.

Alicia Mary C.

I am 67 years old still trying to Learn. You are very clear and very organised and most important of all simple in your wonderful teaching.

I know you know the bible very well and comfortable with your knowledge that is why you can teach well

Garth T.

I'm really enjoying the course, it's helping me greatly. I was ordained deacon 14 years ago and studied scripture at seminary and in various ways since then.

At the moment a group from my parish are reading the Bible in a Year. I've always found putting things into context or a timeline difficult however this course has opened my eyes in so many ways.

John Mario M.

Many thanks to you and Janet for your highly informative and inspirational online course.

As promised, the course provided the main narrative and timeline from the fall of Adam to the sacrifice freely given by our Blessed Lord. But especially focused on how a loving and forgiving father patiently renewed his covenant each time it was repeatedly broken by the indifference of the human race.

Then God himself making the ultimate sacrifice, when our blessed lord, the second person of the Holy Trinity was crucified for our salvation.

I now see the Holy Bible as an assembly of evidence rather like a legal bundle, where the main books compare to the barristers case and the other books provide the evidence supporting the case.

Nava Y.

A very concise course that takes you through the whole Bible. You need to buy the bible chart for to follow the course. I am not a Catholic and found this course open to everyone, whatever denomination you belong to.

Mauro is quite entertaining at times yet very serious and knowledgeable. Will recommend this course. Do tell your friends and family. A very concise course that takes you through the whole Bible.

David G L.

As a result of your most enjoyable and illuminating discussion I ordered the Great Adventure Catholic Bible which arrived this afternoon along with the Timeline chart and Walking with God. I am enclosing pictures of the Bible I was given when I retired 25 years ago which I took out to try and do some of the preparation you set. What a difference to the new Bible which I look forward to using and sharing with my daughter in law who is not a Catholic but very religious and has joined us at mass on special celebrations or when we are on holiday.

It is a pleasure to be able to help someone with such an import mission as you and Janet have taken on.I have found it just so informative and enjoyable. I also love listening to your Italian accent and ways.

marie C.

I have learnt so much and I love the structured approach which really enables me to have an in-depth knowledge of the Bible

Barbara H.

We had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Cavins around 6 years ago when he was promoting the Bible Timeline in Liverpool, I thought the idea of a Bibe Timeline very exciting (we bought the package)

I was so pleased when a friend of mine told me of this course.You bring it to life in such a lovely friendly and knowledgeable way, I laugh out loud at the shirt antics. You've got it nailed, the breakout chats with a buddy and the pre reading materials and your lovely style of delivery, the information is not too much to absorb.

You're a natural for internet teaching. Its on the Old Testament! Your course is really deepening what we had studied so far and will enhance our next year study. Well-done to both of you, keep up the good work.

Neville D.

I have completed the course with Jeff Cavins (video) a few year ago. Your course is reinforcing my understanding, thank you

Chona M.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the presentations you do for free. It has all been clear and excellent, well-structured narration of the Holy Bible. I have registered for the course last year and my payment was credited back due to the pandemic. I was the one who was asking you on the possibility of conducting it online

Annne B.

What an enjoyable way to learn about God's approach to humanity through the ages, most of which I never knew or realised in its historical context. I particularly liked the timelines so we could see at a glance who was ruling in this period and where the chosen people were at the time.

Also I enjoyed Mauro's way of explaining God's covenants with his people and how and when they obeyed or broke these covenants and the consequences. A real eye-opener.

Janet D.

I am really enjoying the course. I have bought the Walking with God book, which is so insightful, also the Adventure Bible which really helps.

Jim H.

I just wanted to thank you again for the Bible Timeline course before Christmas. You did an amazing job of presenting the course and it was very enlightening.

Harry I.

Excellent presentations each week.I am growing in knowledge of the Holy Bible thanks to you.

For the next course starting around Easter 2021 please let me have the products to approach our parish priest Christopher Findlay-Wislon at St. Joseph & St. Walburga & Our Lady of Fatima churches in Poole, Dorset.In the interim I shall email Fr Chris this evening to let him know how valuable the Bible Study is proving. God bless and please keep up the great work.

You are gifted. I enjoyed the 7 week Bible Course very much. It was inspirational and afforded me a much better and fuller understanding of both Testaments especially the Old Testament. It was presented in a very well thought out and logical manner using the Bible Time Line showing David's Line. It was beneficial signing up for the preparation notes and the follow up course notes. Would recommend it to all ages. Thank you Mauro. Harry

Angela E.

I just want to thank you for a truly fantastic course.. I enjoyed it very much, your enthusiasm and clear delivery made each session an absolute joy and helped me no end to improve my knowledge of the Old Testament.

I will miss my Wednesday evenings with you and am very much looking forward to the courses you have planned for 2021.

Sandra M.

I am a cradle catholic, my faith and going to Holy Mass has always been very special to me, what a gift. Like many people of my generation we didn't get chance to study the Bible.

Thank you for walking us through Jeff Cavins Bible Timeline Study, and for your humour which is a nice light hearted touch

Ann Elizabeth Broomby B.

Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity offering this course to us free of charge.

Anne Marie O.

Thankyou so much for delivering the bible course for us. I thorI planned on knitting my cardigan while playing the course in the background but I must say the tonight's sessions was so engaging that I didn't do many stitchesoughly enjoyed it. It was easy to understand and enjoyed the little bit of humour you added to it.

Joy W.

I am finding the sessions very educational, informative and exciting! Looking forward to the next one and the shirt that will come with it! So proud to know that you were once a fellow St Edward the Confessor Golders Green parishioner.

Geraldine R.

Brilliant And all very clear thank you so much.

Very Blessed to have heard your teaching tonight Mauro.I did this course about 5 years ago in my church and couldn't wait to do it again.You have enriched it for me,thank you so much.

Colin and Margaret S.

We enjoyed this session again and it is amazing how we have known a lot of the stories but not in the chronological order you explained. So thank you for your hard work. We will speak to our parish priest and tell him how it has helped us, we already have great ambassadors in our parish, Keith and Mary Taylor, who were probably involved with getting Fr Ralph Candy putting it in our newsletter. I am sure you will be greatly rewarded in heaven for all the work you are doing.

Mary T.

Thank you so much for teaching this course. It has been a real pleasure to be with you each week.

Besides learning such a useful Bible overview, I have often shared with my family how much you have made me laugh - I won't forget your shirts!

Liza V.

Thank you for a very informative session yesterday evening. Thank you for a very informative session yesterday evening. Looking forward to completing the many gaps in my knowledge about the bible.

Trevor L.

It was so good to learn about salvation history, to understand how the Old Testament fits in with the New Testament, and how prophesises have been fulfilled.

This gives greater meaning and understanding to the readings at Mass. We are so glad we took part in this course and are encouraged to study the bible in more detail now that the Bible Timeline has been clearly explained.

Mauro's presentations were both informative and entertaining, The thought behind the presentations and the materials provided by Mauro were much appreciated.

Ola A.

Thank you for the lovely session and this has got me interested reading more from the Bible as I read the Bible

every morning and night. but will like to expand more from this course

Annette S.

Dear Mauro, thank you for the Bible course you are delivering to us from your 'capsule'? Thus far it has been succinct, interesting and enlightening and I'm certain it will be so till the end of the course.

Alexcontrera C.

Enjoying the course very much! Getting to understand the Genesis much better. May your gift of evangelisation be blessed by our Heavenly Father.

Jessica C.

I was very happy when I saw an advert for your course so decided to join in to your online classes. I am very grateful to you and your wife for running the course and just wanted to say that you are doing an amazing job.

Sue T.

I am enjoying the sessions and your notes are very helpful. Your presentations and teachings inspired me to read the Bible now.

Elspeth R.

I wish to thank you enormously for presenting your Bible Study course in such an understandable and entertaining manner.

I may not remember everything but now the Mass readings actually make sense to me when these strange places and key figures are mentioned.

I thought your coloured shirts were such an excellent idea: the green version bursting at the buttons and I agree with your wife that the gold one was hideous.

There are plenty more colours to enable you to continue more courses. You really have transformed my knowledge so lacking for very many years and I shall perceive the history in a very different and approachable light.

Dorota L.

Thank you for a great course. I really enjoyed the session tonight as it was full of learning and so interesting.

I planned on knitting my cardigan while playing the course in the background but I must say the tonight's sessions was so engaging that I didn't do many stitches.

Gillian A.

Thank you for a most enjoyable second session. It's helping to put things in the right chronological order for me as I would often get them a bit mixed up!

That was a great session this evening. I really enjoyed it and felt it gave me lots to think about, personally, with regard to my own relationship with God and times when I have been 'in the desert', 'in exile' and etc.

Anne-Marie K.

Thanks so much, l loved the Bible timeline course! It has greatly developed my knowledge and faith and a few times spoke very deeply to my own personal circumstances, which unfortunately are very difficult at the moment. I loved your jokes and shirts but next time I think you should wear the golden shirt!!

Catherine T.

Thank you so much Mauro, you made it appear so straightforward. Very much enjoyed the introductory session. I am looking forward making sense of the bible at last!

Joy E.

Thank you Mauro for an awesome session. You speak clearly and attended to all my unanswered questions. The best thing I learned today is the symbolic behind the "Tree of knowledge of good and evil."

Lynn E.

I am enjoying the course very much and now look forward to hearing and trying to understand the relevance of the Old Testament readings at Mass when we are able to "get back to normal".

Lubomira J.

I appreciate your enthusiasm, simplicity of your teaching very much. You led us through Early World in a very clear way.

Zuzana N.

I enjoyed today's session. Lovely thoughts and good questions! I liked your explanation and thank to the course I am going to start reading the Bible as the whole.

Francis K.

I love the course, its all I hoped it would be.

Mary L.

Thank you for an inspiring course. I have studied the New Testament a fair amount on my faith journey, almost 70 years.

It was great going through the narrative in the Old Testament in an easy to understand way. I have the Timeline and the book Walking with God so you have started me on a course of study which will last me a long time.

Winnie B.

Thank you so much for this evenings course. It was informative, clearly understandable and best of all very exciting.

Lourdes V.

Absolutely wonderful, exciting and immensely interesting. Looking forward to the next episode

Maria P.

Brilliant and clear and thought provoking

Anne L.

Hello Mauro very informative and interesting, course taught in a non-threatening and relaxed manner. Would hope it could be advertised / raised through TBN TV freeview channel so other people could benefit. Looking forward to rest of course, r

Ciro C.

My son and his wife have been attending your bible course over recent weeks and cannot speak highly enough of you! I am the Headmaster of a Catholic primary school (https://oakwoodschool.org.uk) and the countless commitments mean that I have not maged to follow your course. So I have purchased your videos instead.

Charlotte T.

Thank you so much for this amazing course, I'm so grateful to be able to learn so much about my faith!

Kate S.

With 2,000 listeners you have a challenge to keep up with all of us

Karen G.

Thank you for a great session, very clear and informative. Can't wait for next week!

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for such an informative and fun bible study programme. I am embarrassed to say that although I am a cradle catholic, I've never read the bible, but I am thoroughly enjoying your course and reading it now, and can't believe we have done 5 weeks already!

I only know of one other person from my area who is doing the course, Ann Edwards. I'm from Crediton Parish in Devon, and we have links with the Exeter parishes. I am very interested in sharing this fantastic course with our parishioners in Crediton and Exeter and am very happy to put the idea forward to our priest. I compile our weekly newsletter, so I can promote it in that, and am happy to be involved in admin, invitations, marketing etc. Ann is the parish secretary for Crediton and Exeter University Chaplaincy. Thank you again for all you're doing - you are making it fun and real - and I LOVE the shirts! LOL!

John R.

Thank you for a very interesting session this evening, living up to my expectations.

Justyna B.

I was very happy when I saw an advert for your course so decided to join in to your online classes. I am very grateful to you and your wife for running the course and just wanted to say that you are doing an amazing job.

Everything is very clear and I really like the colour coordinated shirts! I wish you all the best in this beautiful ministry and in all your life During the last session you asked if anyone has any skills they can share. I don't know if what I do can be useful in this ministry, but I thought I would let you know. I used to be an architect, but then became a self-taught graphic designer. I am designing prayer cards, mugs with bible verses, and templates for bible verse illustrations called "bible journaling". I am also designing posters for the events for my prayer group.If that could be of any use please let me know..

Elsbeth B.

Your presentation of Session two was very good and enlightening. It has clarified many of the gaps in my understanding of the creation. You have expounded it very well. Thank you very much.

My husband and I very much enjoy the bible study and find your presentation excellent.

Moira A.

Thank you for the explanation about the fall of Adam and Eve. I often wondered why God put that condition of forbidding them the fruit of the tree of knowledge. My understanding is much better.

Gosia K.

I'd like to thank you and your wife for your hard work and the great course you are teaching. I have learnt a lot!

Shilpika S.

The course was really good. It was simple and clear to understand. It was not rushed and the points were explained well.

Berniece S.

Tonight was fantastic!! The story of the patriarchs has been my favourite since I discovered it as a child. Tonight felt like coming full circle. | I am interested in sharing this programme with the parish and will speak to my parish priest.

Kasonde K.

Just to say I really enjoyed tonight's session. It was short, sharp, sweet and spiritual. An offer: if you need extra administration help, that is my area and I am happy to help where I can

Francis B..

Your delivery was the right pace for me and clear. Thanks for the your hard work

Claire B.

I think what you and Janet are doing a wonderful ministry and I will support your endeavour with great pleasure. Like you this course and book have changed my life. When the lockdown has ended, I ll ask you to come in our house and will invite 30 people for your day-course.

Mary W.

Next we need a course on Church history!! Thanks for your instruction, humour and patience.

Agnes F.

I have really enjoyed the first few sessions and find them super interesting and engaging!

David B.

My wife and I are enjoying your current Bible course immensely and learning a great deal from it.

Christina E.

Clearly outlined, a good length, some interesting ideas and using the chart was helpful. It was what I hoped it might be, and some of the future Key Events are less familiar to me so looking forward to that.

Sonia O.

A super talk, everything worked very well. Thank you, I can't wait for next week and love reading the book.

Alice B.

Congratulations on your wonderfully clear concept and your ability to transmit information.

Joy B.

I would like to thank you for the enjoyable course.. I must confess I was not able to do as much reading as I wanted to before each session however you have made it easy to follow and understand the Salvation History using the colour coded Timeline Chart ..this course has helped me to understand the Bible .. how to read each book of The Old to the New Testament . Having a friend as my buddy was also very useful, we were able to do 'video calls' to discuss the questions.. I will recommend this course to friends and I hope to attend some more Bible studies.

Mark H.

I am really enjoying the course and learning much from it; principally I am starting to see now, after many years, how there is a consistent narrative underpinning the OT and am foreseeing the way it flows into the NT. Please keep up the great work.

daniel F.

Well-delivered, informative and inspiring! Keep it up ;) I'd like to purchase your notes but also add a donation - did you say that you would be sending a link to this effect?

Chris F.

I would like to thank you for a wonderful course. I have got so much out of it, and you have explained the Bible with such clarity that it has really opened my eyes.

I will be able to read the the Old Testament now with a better understanding.

Nidhi S.

Thank you very much for your course. It was delivered very well and very professionally. You come across as very confident and steer the course well and at the same time very kind and respectful of all participants. The technology, lighting, camera, your voice, way of explaining concepts, streaming everything worked perfect.

And even though people were talking over each other in the discussion, there was a beauty and sense of fun and community in that as well. I am very happy to help if you need. This session brought smile and happiness to me even though I am not a practicing catholic. I consider myself as someone who values and respects all religions and beliefs as long as they are benefiting humankind and humanity

Ann H.

Thank you so much. The course is fantastic and I have recommended it to a few friends. I do find that sometimes the microphone slightly distorts what you are saying, particularly if you are being emphatic about something. When you were speaking about Concupiscence, I found it hard to understand what you were saying. But, otherwise fabulous and thank you again

Elisabeth S.

Excellent session yesterday evening. I got so much from it. Thank you.

Bernadette I.

I am really enjoying the course and learning so much from it. The whole Bible is appearing much more ordered to me now. Thank you so much for your effective teaching.

Sophie L.

My husband Guillaume and myself are very pleased each week to follow your teachings. We appreciate your sense of humour as well!

Christine B.

Thank you for putting on this course, I am finding it really inspiring!

I have been listening to David Suchet's reading of The Bible in One Year, each day. The Bible Timeline has really helped with my understanding and giving real meaning to the Bible texts, thank you!

Anselm O.

Thanks for the wonderful session today. I learned new things which is very good

Joe C.

I am really enjoying the sessions and after many years of being a catholic, the lessons and following the chapters, Walking with God, things are clicking into place and understanding the bible more, so really appreciate your teachings.

Deborah B.

I am very much enjoying the course - it is a fantastic method of scripture teaching. Well done and thank you!

Andrew R.

Thank you so much for your email and all the info regarding the course, which I wanted to do for more than 10 years.

Sylvester M.

Thanks a lot of the course and all the preparation that I am aware you have put into it.

Ifeoma Vera O.

Thanks very much for this wonderful knowledge you have imparted in us this evening.

Caroline P.

Great session. Very helpful, simple text slides to clarify key points. One suggestion - make your discussion questions as short as possible (they are quite long and complicated!).

Elizabeth H.

Thank you so much for this evening's presentation. It was so well prepared and you are so warm.

Beth S.

Really enjoying the sessions. Very clear and interesting.

John W.

Thank you for the bible timeline course that you have been providing. It has really benefitted my wife Rosalie and I as we are sharing bible readings together.

Ella T.

Thank you very, very much for your very informative way of teaching.

Moira S.

Heartfelt Thanks. Praise God Wonderful Teaching Very clear, comprehensive

Nicola M.

Thank you for a very clear session. The audio and visual were good.

Perpetua Filomena L.

Session 2 was very nice and clear. Your explanation was very helpful to understand the Bible. Adam and Eve sinned. Sin of anger, jealousy between Cain and Abel, sin of lust in chapter 6, so God sent flood and Noah was the only righteous person. But Noah became drunk, sin of drunkenness, sin of pride in city of Babylon.

Judith S.

Enjoyed the session tonight Mauro. Well done. You made me laugh with your quick shirt change :)

Catherine and Steve C.

Thank you very much for session 2 yesterday. Despite having covered it previously in the Jeff Cavins Bible Adventure, there were so many new things to think about and reflect on, it was really interesting and good being fully immersed in Genesis. So very many thanks for a special evening for my Mum and with my Mum, as well as the great presentation.

Michael L.

Enjoying the course, very informative. Keep up the good work.

James M.

I am enjoying your Bible Study Course and find it easy to follow. I can remember a lot of it for someone with a bad memory . I am also reading the book.

Margaret C.

VERY clear, most interesting and looking forward to next week.

Jenny K.

My mum and I really enjoyed the first full session - very interesting, informative and easy to follow.

Bible Timeline
Live on Zoom
May 2020
Katelyn A.

Thank you for sharing your gifts and teaching the Bible Timeline course. I've learnt so much and it has encouraged me to go deeper into understanding the Word - such a fundamental component of our faith.

Thank you especially for the detailed preparation and infectious energy you bring into your teaching, it is genuinely appreciated and well received, and helps to distil a tremendous, detailed and rich narrative into something that is understandable and easier to grasp and contextualize especially when listening to the readings at mass. Thanks so much, keep up your good work and God bless!

Daniel A.

Dear Mauro, Many thanks for running such a brilliant course for these past weeks! I can't express how invaluable it has been to finally get an understanding of the Old Testament which is an area I have struggled with for so long!

Instead of just skipping the Old Testament as I once did, I now look forward to reading the wonderful stories and events it contains - many thanks Mauro for putting it all into context for me!

God bless you and wishing you all the best for your ministry.

Jessica C.

Thanks for your teaching on the bible. Every Catholic should know about the Bible Timeline Chart! Because of this course, I started to read all the narrative books in Old Testament. And I feel much more comfortable now talking about Old testament.

Also thanks for doing this free. I would not be able to afford if I need to pay. Thanks. God bless your ministry.

Tim M.

Thank you ever so much for doing the course for us. Your lessons really were fantastic, and anecdotally, I cannot recall a single breakout group where people did not speak in awe of what you were doing for us all - I can recall countless lovely comments people made about you.

I was wowed by your charisma, enthusiasm and sheer joy of wanting to share the message of the Bible to us.

The course really is a fantastic way of communicating the story into digestible chunks. It seems to be a course that the less academic of us (*cough*me*cough) can utilise to anchor biblical studies and grow deeper in faith. That's not to say it lacked depth that would entertain the non-beginner, it certainly had a wealth of detail, but the delivery was not intimidating, making a beginner (like me) feel welcome.

In moments it seemed like an overwhelming amount of content to get through, but you were not without your jokes & optimism, helping us stay focussed and in tune with the narrative of the lesson. And after a matter of weeks, we somehow had managed to cover everything we set out.

I'm now left with a yearning to dig deeper, and the course has given me a sense of "where to start". I would like to think I have a better contextual knowledge of where certain biblical stories fit in the overall story of salvation history. If I could do certain lessons again, I would & should!

Mary B.

Wanted to say thank you so much. I really enjoyed it. Your teaching skill is amazing, you explain things in very simple terms. It is easy to grasp what you are saying and you are very funny. I really really enjoyed this seminar. So thank you so much again for your time and knowledge.

Marek P.

Mauro's course is simply sensational. The content is not only so easy to follow, but Mauro himself is such a joy to listen to. His enthusiasm shines through and he makes seemingly complex topics simple to understand.

Before I encountered this course, I always found the Bible daunting. It's such a large book and my only real exposure was through scripture at mass. I had told myself that I would try and read the Bible cover to cover...... I had been telling that to myself for 20+ years. And in all honesty, even if I had I still wouldn't have understood the intricacies and teaching that Mauro so wonderfully points out.

It all makes so much sense now. Before, scripture readings felt out of context - now understanding the time line and chronology of it all helps to consolidate my understanding in a way I never thought possible. Thank you so much Mauro! If you're having doubts whether this course is for you..... Just do it! I promise you won't regret it!

Nisha G.

This was a really insightful course that really helped me go deeper in my knowledge and understanding of the Bible and in turn my faith.

I've always struggled with reading the Bible and have attended Bible study courses before but found this one was the best one as it tells the narrative story in a way that I'd never grasped before.

Mauro delivers the course with good humour as well to ensure we kept our focus. I'm usually easily distracted but found the style of delivery and the breakout discussion groups maintained my attention and got me thinking about how what I had learnt could be applied to life. At the end of every session I always feel so energised, like a fresh touch of the Holy Spirit.

Michael D.

I found Mauro's teaching extraordinary, very detailed, very clear and quite enlightening in parts; particularly the Divided Kingdom, the Exile and the Return; also the Maccabean Revolt. I really understand those periods much more now, while they were unclear to me before.

Maria C.

Dear Mauro and Janet, Thank you for the gift of your time in preparing and delivering the Bible Timeline Course! It has had a huge impact on me and, personally, I am finding it 'life changing' and so exciting. I don't use these words lightly; Alpha had the same impact on me 3 years ago when I 'returned home' after being a guest on Alpha.

Thank you both so much for your incredible generosity and kindness for delivering this course. The Timeline is so simple to follow once you grasp the colour coding and the Timeline is explained to you. After the first training session I felt such a buzz, like I had received the 'golden key' to unlocking and understanding His word. I have stared at my bible for a long time feeling a little sad and very overwhelmed every time I have attempted to read it. Now I feel utter joy!

Thank you again, Blessings to you both!

Marek C.

Hello Mauro and Janet! I hope you are both doing well. I am very grateful for all the work you put into making the Bible Timeline Seminar possible on Zoom for free.

The course has made the Bible come to live for me and got me interested in finding out more like never before. You have done a great job delivering the content, your lightness and sense of humor have made it a wonderful experience, and your dedication and passion really inspired me to read the Bible.

Having the context for the Bible story and an outline of what happened made it easy to engage with it. It also gave place to all the different bits of information that I have collected over the years from different parts of the Bible.

The Bible Timeline Chart is super useful and I bought the Great Adventure Bible for myself and my friend. Thank you for doing this. May God bless you both, and may He always guide you to bring more people closer to Him. God bless, Marek

David K.

Dear Mauro, I have thoroughly enjoyed the Bible Timeline Study. I really enjoyed it, all of it, I have learned a lot about the Bible which I knew already and it helped me understand everything I knew already especially about David and his kingship as my name is David so hence why I have enjoyed learning about him!

I understand the Bible and it has helped me have a better understanding of the Old Testament! I never knew how all the numbers of tribes linked together and how all the land was split.

I feel more drawn to prayer and it really has helped my prayer life! Since lockdown, my prayer life has been so much better and I hope to keep it up after lockdown God willing. I am not a fan of reading however, if I find a beautiful verse then I am inclined to write it down.

Many wonderful thanks for all that you have done during Bible Timeline and I now have a deeper understanding of the old testament especially. God Bless all your work you are doing.

James M.

Dear Mauro, thank you for your generosity to present the bible timeline course to Youth 2000. I really enjoyed your engaging presentation, which gives a lucid understanding of salvation history and will no doubt be applicable for all that partake in the course.

I think the reduction of the course longer to six sessions and still making it easy to follow for the participants, while still being rich in interesting content was very impressive particularly when presenting over zoom.

This was made possible by your sense of humour and ability to ask thought provoking questions making the course challenging and very enjoyable experience. I learned a lot, thank you.

Anne C.

I recently took part in the online Bible Timeline course run by Mauro. For so long I have wanted to read the Bible as a whole, but felt daunted and overwhelmed by its immensity.

Mauro's love of God shines through him in his role of enthusiastically sharing his knowledge of how to read the Bible with meaningful structure and purpose.

The bite size narrative sections show us how to read and understand the entire plan of God's redemption for His people in an achievable way. The importance of the Old Testament, as a necessity for understanding the New, has never been clearer to me.

Thank you so much for listening to God's calling to you to help so many of us during our trying times of this global pandemic. Anne

John G.

Mauro, Thanks for this excellent course, such a gift to the young Church.

The bible timeline has been wonderful with Mauro. He has found the perfect balance between seeing the full 'zoomed out' love story of Salvation history whilst including some wonderful detail in just how great God is and how faithful to his people.

From visual slides to colour coordinated shirts this experience on Zoom with discussion in breakout rooms have been great. This has helped me to understand the big picture in my head and in my heart. It's given me a love for the scriptures and improved my prayer life and relationship with God. Thank you

Maria C.

Dear Mauro and Janet, Thank you so much for doing the Bible Timeline course. I will tell you how much it meant to me in the testimony below, but I just cannot thank you enough for such a stunning course.

"The Bible Timeline course done by Mauro has fully illuminated the Salvation Story in the Bible. I have always been told the Bible sets out a love story between God and His People, and I understood this in a rather fragmented way.

What is wonderful about Mauro's course is that he uses the Bible Timeline as a way of putting the Bible in both a theological and historical context. Using Jeff Cavin's Bible Timeline, Mauro makes us focus on the important books in the Bible; walks us through the timeline to explain its theological and historical significance; and we come to see the unfolding of God's 'rescue mission' through the series of covenants that God made with His People throughout history. In fact, by anchoring the Bible in its historical context, it makes me realise how REAL God is. He is not a God of mythologies, but REAL, and He comes into our very real human experiences to save us.

Mauro has shown us that the great theo-drama of the Bible has not finished - it is up to us to take up where the Apostles left off. I cannot recommend this course enough, and cannot thank Mauro enough for his enthusiasm, insight, and dedication to showing how much God loves us."

Anne D.

Dear Mauro, Thank you so much for a fantastic course. It was my first time and it was great.

I learnt so much and now just hearing the Readings at Mass gives me a new light on their background.

The wealth of information was wonderful. I did struggle with keeping up with writing my notes as it went very fast. But I'm sure your notes will be helpful. Thank you so much.

Angela W.

I really enjoyed the Bible Timeline course! It is definitely helping me to understand the story of salvation history especially in reference to the tribes of Israel and how the Old Testaments prophets spoke to them. Reading the bible is so essential to our faith to be rooted in the Word of God and having a deeper insight into scripture helps my prayer life; allowing God to speak to me through the Word as a source of comfort and strength and it brings me into a deeper revelation of who God is and His love and saving plan for us. Essential course for Catholics to understand the bible! Keep going Mauro!

Lauren C.

My name is Lauren and I am from America and live in New Jersey. I wanted to personally thank you for your time and dedication in teaching this course. I met Annabel in New York a few years ago and when she told me about this course I was so excited to participate.

I have always wanted to dive deeper into the Bible and this course really pushed me to be disciplined in reading the Bible and analyzing it. Your preaching was so dynamic and relatable that I truly felt God speak very powerfully to me through this course and His word. I also really enjoyed the thought provoking questions you asked. They challenged me to grow deeper in my faith. I also really loved sharing and connecting in small groups.

Thank you so much again for your time! May God continue to bless you!

Caroline D.

Thank you for the Bible timeline course. It was fantastic. At 28 years old I am only now starting to learn more about faith after never having read the bible at all or going to church.

After expressing my interest in learning about faith a friend suggested this course, great timing! It has been really interesting and has really inspired me to read the bible, learn more and explore faith. The teaching was given with great enthusiasm and the content broken down to easy to understand sections.

I wish you all the best with your future teaching.

Rosemary P.

Thank you Mauro and Janet for a highly engaging course! By breaking down the Bible into specific sections to focus upon, it made the Bible easy to understand for everyone.

I learnt a lot about Jesus' genealogy and the spiritual lessons that can be learnt from our ancestors. Hearing about the connections and the ways in which the Old Testament prefigures the New Testament is particularly helpful.

I now better understand the meaning of mass readings and how they relate to other parts of the Bible, enabling deeper spiritual thoughts. My academic and spiritual knowledge of the Bible was definitely enhanced.

Your humour enlivened the course, which was educational and enjoyable. I would certainly recommend it! Mauro - a great way to share your God given gifts with others. God bless you in your ministry! :)

Annette M.

Thanks so much Mauro. What a great zoom through the bible history in a few weeks! It's a great gift you have to make the bible come alive and make so much sense and to want to read the bible more and really get to read and reflect on it in this year of the word.

I Highly recommend Mauro's teaching of the bible timeline course. It's dynamic and very engaging.

You will definitely know the bible and understand your place in salvation history and get to love and know the bible more! Excellent course !

Kasia C.

I participated earlier in the year in the Bible Timeline course through Youth2000. I just wanted to thank you so much again personally for introducing me to this methodology! The course was presented so well - prayerfully, thoroughly and with your great sense of humour. It gave me such a good overview of salvation history, with a simple but powerful approach I had never heard of before. I have just purchased The Great Adventure Bible and am so excited to go deeper into the Word following the covenantal threads!

Patrick R.

I've so done many Bible courses over the years that I believed I knew the bible pretty well already; so why did I do it again? Well I knew there were gaps in my knowledge of the Bible especially when it came to historical events like the Jews in exile and the Maccabean revolt. So instead of basing my understanding of these events from pop songs like Boney M's 'Rivers of Babylon', I thought I better really understand what went on!

The Bible Timeline presents you with "why and how" these events are important in context to what happened before and after the event - and surprisingly one learns and is humbled to see how through these tumultuous events, God desires to draw us closer to Him.

As you stay with the course, one cannot fail to notice how patient God has been with us all throughout history reflected in the story of His people. Then as you learn more, you notice how gently God is inviting us to go deeper in our relationship with Him.

You need a good teacher for that to happen, and Mauro presents the course with such captivating joy, enthusiasm and knowledge that you really desire to want to know more and do your own Bible study.

Thank you Mauro for instilling that desire in me! Well done.

Anthony R.

I wanted to thank you for your Bible timeline course. When I first knew about this course it was something that interested me as someone who had relatively little knowledge of the Bible as a whole, plus it would give me something to do during lockdown.

This course would make me learn such immense knowledge of sacred scripture and it has given me a greater understanding of the whole Biblical narrative.

Whenever I attend Mass in the future, I will understand the readings in its full context, especially readings from the Old Testament thanks to this Timeline course. Thank you Mauro for this course!

Katy R.

I've always struggled to read the Bible as I've never known where to start and how to tackle such rich information about Salvation History. Taking the Bible timeline course with Mauro has unlocked a world of information on how to go about doing this and the layout and content of God's word is so much more accessible and enjoyable to read.

The online sessions I attended were great fun. I met so many new people in the break-out rooms, which made virtual learning come alive. It's amazing how much you can share in just a few minutes with total strangers in a relaxed environment.

Mauro's delivery was exceptional and the materials used were great and easy to follow. After finishing the final session, it left me with a hunger to read more of the Bible and share God's word with others. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is new to faith, or for those who come with years of experience. There is something there for everyone!

Fantastic job, Mauro. Looking forward to your future endeavors!

Lea G.

Dear Mauro and Janet, this concise bible study course has motivated me to read the bible for the first time without getting frustrated and giving it up.

It had provided structure for my reading and content to link the old with the New Testament. I am eternally grateful for taking up this course. Thank you.

Lucy B.

Thank you for running the bible timeline course, I really enjoyed it and I learnt so much! I'm so glad I did it, and feel so much more equipped to talk about the Bible and salvation history to others.

I loved the questions you gave us to talk about in small groups. They were challenging but really interesting to discuss. You were also really good at explaining the meaning behind the story and certain passages in the Old Testament, something which I struggled to read beforehand. In general, you were just really friendly and great to listen to!

Anyway, once again thank you for running the course, I am so glad that I did it and would definitely recommend it to others!

Ps - I loved the outfit changes!!

Deidre G.

I found the Bible timeline course to be very informative, interesting and enjoyable.

Mauro has a very engaging demeanour coupled with sound biblical knowledge which made for an informative and entertaining experience. I learned more about how the pieces of the jigsaw of the Old Testament fitted together both historically and in terms of salvation history. The timeline makes such sense and makes the Old Testament so much more accessible. I am now more equipped to read and meditate on the Old Testament and make links to the New Testament.

Thank you Mauro for cracking open the Bible and helping me to access he treasures of the 'Living Word'

Suzy C.

I'm really enjoying the Bible Timeline. I never got to go to them before. Really amazingly researched and your passion is infectious. And I like your style with some humour to warm us up and some direct modern language to make the stories come alive. Many thanks.

Diny P.

Mauro I just want to say thank you for taking your time to carry out this wonderful initiative with youth 2000!

It's been a great learning experience for me and to be able to understand the Old Testament so much better is something I treasure. I now joyfully read and reflect on the books of the Old Testament wanting to attain a deeper understanding of the meaning and insights it contains.

You did a fantastic job of connecting the dots for me and delivered the content in a very enthusiastic and enjoyable way. If you ever repeat these seminars, be assured I will be recommending it to all my Christian friends who are desiring to understand the bible more deeply!

God Bless you with your missions and may he guide all your future teachings and endeavours!

Amy W.

I really liked the content. I signed up for a number of reasons, to aid with my CCRS, to give me a better understanding of the linear timeline of the Bible and to see what I could learn from it, to help my RE students love and understand the Bible more.

I was aware of the narrative approach to the Bible before but never really looked into great details about it. It makes sense and the colour coded approach was really helpful.

I was not disappointed, and have a better understanding of the Bible. I come from a family which read the Bible often but the order of events were not discussed as a family which left me with a number of unanswered questions. Understanding the order has placed things into a new perspective for me and has helped me appreciate readings in context. I will be reading it a different way from now on. I plan to read it in the order that Jeff Cavins suggests in the very near future, taking a period at a time.

I say the LOTH daily and from the course I can appreciate the Office of Readings more and it is making me want to read recommended readings around the set readings.

The course has also made me thing more about the parallels between the Old and New Testaments and why thing important.

Emma H.

I studied Theology and specifically undertook a Biblical studies module in my degree and in my spare time in different settings but despite this felt that I was still left with some gaps in my general knowledge and understanding of the Bible. I feel that your course enabled me to feel more comfortable to use the Bible as a tool to pray with and use for this purpose.

The course was well structured and engaging, with a clear narrative and understandable through the Biblical journey. There were many facts that I learnt which were new and the small groups enabled me to then discuss this with others and process concepts further. I feel that I have more understanding now of the structure of the Bible and how stories in the Old Testament foreshadow and relate to the New Testament.

Thank you for your time, patience and energy in delivering this and making it accessible to people from various backgrounds and levels of understanding.

Mihnea T.

I found your course engaging and grounding.

It was grounding because you managed to give us a comprehensive overview on how the Old Testament foreshadows the coming of the Messiah and how Christ fulfils the prophecies related to Messiah. Your course further encouraged me to delve into the OT, so over the past months I've been listening to the OT as an audio book every time I'm out for walks. I'm currently at the Book of Job : ).

It was engaging because you know how to address an audience to keep it entertained, you changed your shirt for each Bible period, we had to meet new people, we had to share our experiences with other people every 20 min or so, you slides were clear and concise and the information was relevant.

I should notice that I volunteered at the Westminster Cathedral in autumn and I heard people talking highly about Mauro's Bible Course; I had no idea at that point what they were on about. I now agree with them that the course was indeed great and we are lucky to have been able to take it during the lockdown and also for free. Many thanks! Praying for you and your family!

Nicky C.

Ciao Mauro! Grazie mille per tutto! I am from America and I live in New Jersey, but I have family in Italia! My grandparents are from Napoli. I really enjoyed your Bible timeline course. I had been wanting to start reading the bible for a while, but I didn't know where to start. Your course gave me an amazing outline of where to begin.

In the past I've struggled with reading the Old Testament, so I appreciated how a lot of your course focused on that section and the meaning behind each chapter. It felt very powerful to be studying the Old Testament during Quarantine as we are in the middle of a Pandemic. I took so many notes while you were speaking.

Overall, this course was very fruitful in my life and I really appreciate you and your mission. It was also very enjoyable! God bless you and your mission. Spero di incontrarti un giorno!

Izzy R.

Thank you so much for doing this course for us. Lately I've been reading through parts of the Bible and have really wanted to have a good Bible overview of the salvation history. You gave a very clear, concise and engaging overview and I learnt a lot from it. This has become a valuable course to understand the Bible better.

Shona M.

Thank you so much for doing the first Bible Timeline course online. I've learnt loads about the Bible and even more about Gods goodness. It has blown my mind to see the love, kindness and faithfulness He has shown to mankind throughout history. I feel more in awe of Him and more hungry for His presence as a result of the course. I have enjoyed it so much and it has been the highlight of the week during the covid lockdown!

Nicole C.

Mauro, it's been SUCH a blessing. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to both you and Janet....and praise God, my sister's New Years resolution was to learn more about the scripture and she has now been able do that thanks to these sessions - we are both very grateful! Amen!

Felicitas O.

Thanks Mauro for taking us through the Bible timeline course. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity as it made studying the bible easier and more interesting.

I feel more confident reading the word of God to find out more about my creator and understand His Laws and guidance for my life and how to relate to other people.

I'm still a work in progress in my faith life and prayer life. I will definitely recommend this course for anyone who is looking to discover God and seeking to have a more intimate relationship with God. Thank you and God bless you.

Sonia O.

We have been blessed with many good internet initiatives during lockdown, this one certainly a life changer, especially with the help of the timeline chart and the brilliant accompanying book the whole story starts to make coherent sense, the chance to go through again deeper in bite sized chunks would be wonderful! God bless you all!

Kevin M.

I really enjoyed doing the Bible Timeline Course. This course reignited the fire within myself to get reading the Bible again. Along with the teaching this helped put the Bible in context as I was reading it.

I have also brought the recommended bible and timeline and I am trying to discover how I can use it in my ministry to young people. I feel the technical hitches didn't distract from the overall sessions. You can tell though Mauro's enthusiasm the love he has for the Bible.

Dorinda C.

Thank you so much for a wonderful Bible Timeline course. I am so grateful to have been introduced to the method of reading the Bible using the narrative method. Your teaching was really engaging and very detailed and I learnt so much throughout the course which has helped me to understand the Bible so much better especially learning the historical and cultural contexts behind familiar events which gave them added depth and meaning. Thank you again for providing us with such excellent teaching!

Katherine D.

Thank you very much for running the Bible Timeline course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned SO MUCH and how beautiful and anointed the word is. To dive deeper into understanding the bible through the structure of the course was really helpful and has allowed me to see the divine thread of the word. You made it really engaging and enjoyable. Thank you very much and God Bless your ministry.

Julie S.

Good afternoon Mauro, the course you delivered really enabled me to 'join the dots' in our salvation history - particularly the Old Testament. The course enabled me to see how our history enfolded and linked beautifully to its source and summit.

I had obviously heard passages from the Old Testament at mass and in curriculum but this course really helped me make more sense of what I was hearing. I have ordered the books you shared and look forward to continuing my journey of discovery through these.

I teach in a primary school and pray that I can bring some of what I have learnt into my lessons with the children and share with them my renewed excitement about the Word of God.

I use the Magnificat publication in my prayer as well as a daily Rosary and meditation on the sorrows of Our lady - my hope is that this course has opened to me a wealth of prayer in the Old Testament that I can start to explore.

Many thanks for your time and your commitment to myself and all the other people on the bible time line course.

Julia S.

Thank you for your time Mauro running The Bible Timeline series. It was a real blessing especially during lockdown but also an amazing experience in general. The Bible Timeline series is a great and easy way to learn more about the whole narrative story of the Bible. I will also always remember the shirt changes; it was a nice touch. God bless you in your ministry.

James P.

Firstly, I thought the bible timeline course was amazing! It really helped to link all the different bits of the Bible that I already knew a little on together with many other bits that I wasn't familiar with. I attended typical English schooling, and we did General religious studies and religious education, that was not Catholic or Christian specific, but nevertheless taught us about the main Bible stories like Genesis, Noah's Ark, Abraham, Jacob.

I was loosely aware of some of the other characters such as King Solomon, Joshua, King David, Saul, et cetera, but sadly even though I'd heard of snippets of these stories in church through the first readings, I never really completely appreciated the full story, especially in the way it all links together. I really found your bible timeline course a great way of getting to know the Old Testament story better.

I can't really think of many ways to improve it, other than perhaps to add a few more sessions, and therefore enable the individual sessions to go into a bit more detail. I would love to have heard a little bit more about certain events such as the fall of Jericho, and the Maccabees. However I appreciate, when you're trying to race through a 600 page book, it's difficult to cover this much ground in detail.

God bless and thank you for doing this for us.

Troy G.

I always wanted to join the Bible Timeline course but commuting from Cambridge to Central London just wasn't feasible for me. Fortunately, the Bible Timeline course was offered online so I could finally join!

Before this course, the only real exposure I had to the Old Testament were the weekly mass readings. Mauro's course went so much more in depth, it really explained to me the story of the Jews, the prophets and how Jesus truly fulfilled prophecies.

Adrian G.

Thank you very much for the Bible Timeline course. It has been very good and I learnt a lot. You have presented the course content in an engaging style and informative way. It was great - well done and thank you.

Miriam M.

Hello Mauro, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this course that you have given us and for all the work you do for Christ, for his Church, for all the people to find Him. May our good God, who sees you and all your needs and desires bless you on every step of your journey.

My participation in this course for me is a tiny miracle and I would like to share it with you.

I am from Slovakia, I live in Slovakia but I lived in London for about a year (I left in 2017). (I used to go to the St. Patrick 's church in Soho, I loved the Friday adorations. But I have nothing to do with Youth 2000, I didn't even know of its existence.

One day, a few weeks ago I received an invitation on FB from a friend from London to this course. We have not spoken for months, maybe even since I left London, but she somehow remembered me and invited me to this online course even though she didn 't take part herself.

I took a look at it and got excited, so I decided that I will join. I mentioned it to my fiance (we're getting married this September). Surprisingly he got excited as well and asked if he could join me. This really surprised me because even though he is a christian and believes in a loving God and he knows a lot about God and faith and he does read the Bible (sometimes) and we go to church together and he does receive the Eucharist, he never really met Jesus and it is not easy for him to talk about God and faith and to share about these things. He is on his journey, just like we all are.

So we joined the first course and only then I realized that we will need to share in the small groups and that there is no way out for us. I got stressed. Really. I thought he would chicken out. Well...He didn 't. It was so beautiful for me to listen to his opinions and to what he had to share with us about God and all the questions you asked us.

It's not like we never talked about God before, but this was different. I saw him in a whole new light. This course (or you) gave him questions to think about, I believe he met God in a new way thanks to this course.

After the courses, after we turned Zoom off we used to stay and talk about things we heard and share our minds and even as he walked me home we kept talking and talking... Such a beautiful experience. I am so glad this has happened so shortly before our wedding. God's timing is the best :)

So this is a little story from my perspective and I thank God that he made it so that we could take part and that you made it possible. And obviously, other than that we both learned so much, loads and loads of new information! Thank you Mauro!

Bible Timeline
St Patrick's Soho Sq. Church, London
September 2019
Dwight P.

What an unenviable task Mauro undertakes. It is like trying to fit the ocean into a sand castle moat. How does he do it? With humility and gumption, courage and humour. He leaves the eloquence to really the only speaker that ever was/is - the Holy Spirit.

It is hard to explain how much this course has brought to life the Bible into my everydays. I cannot encourage everyone enough to attend Mauro's talks to help deepen your faiths and inflame your lives with the living Word.

Tom F.

I look forward all week to the Bible Timeline course. Like Jesus on the road to Emmaus, Mauro opens the scriptures to reveal God's plan foretold throughout history. Expertly treating scripture with reverence whilst bringing joy and fun to learning. It makes you want to continuously read the greatest story ever told.

Geraldine S.

Mauro, I cannot thank you enough for the way you present the course and for making me enjoy reading the Bible more and more.

I find It very easy to take in your words and you make it all so interesting and for me - quite exciting to actually have mental pictures of those days.

For me the best part (that I never expected) is that you have made my Morning Prayer of the Church, the daily readings and the Gospel come alive and so many Psalms prayers, names, places, and people now mean so much than before I came to your Bible Timeline course.

I was a little concerned as a mature person that I wouldn't be able to take enough in with meaning and remember it, and not have the will power to come out on winter nights all the way to Soho but now I am growing in confidence to even quote Bible stories to certain people who didn't believe I would persevere! Can wait for next session big Thanks to you and Janet.

Maria L.

The Bible Timeline Course has personally helped me to better understand the Old Testament and to appreciate how the differences of the chronological events and the historical narrative fit in.

By coincidence, for the last 10 days we had the daily readings at the Holy Mass, from of the First Book of King, and were the same ones of what we were studying during the last 3 sessions. It follows that I can understand better the daily readings at Mass.

Thank you for the live teaching, the teaching summary notes, and the home study material.

My only regret is that I cannot attend every session. May God bless you and your ministry.

Silvia M.

Mauro is a gifted and passionate teacher of Bible timeline course with a great sense of humour keeping all students engaged. Every lesson starts with a prayer making sure Holy Spirit is present and touches everyone exactly where needed.

Personally, I felt touched by many things that Mauro explained and I learnt a lot about amazing lineage between Old and New Testament stories which I had not known before, it felt like all kind of lives are captured in this book of books.

But, the most important thing really is that throughout his teachings Mauro showcases the neverending love of our Father in Bible stories and our lives alike even when we can't see the meaning as we are always called back.

Although I haven't managed to read the whole Bible yet after the lessons I always felt more encouraged and motivated to do so. Definitely recommending this course for every person and thank you Mauro, you're doing a great job. God bless. Silvia

Salvatore D.

Thanks Mauro for this fantastic and unique course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to explore the Christian faith and how it fits into the Bible story.

It's expertly put together, using great and easy to follow descriptions, lots of humour and stacks of passion and enthusiasm making it highly fun and accessible to follow.

It brings many bible stories together that you may not have understood previously to life in a way that helps to understand the Christian faith in a much deeper way. Also allows you to meet other Christians and chat in groups to explore topics in more depth. Highly recommended.

Nisha G.

I've been searching for a course which would help me go deeper in my understanding of the bible as I always felt it was an area I didn't feel very confident in. I was always embarrassed in church at my limited knowledge of the Bible.

Having tried a theology course before this one (and not found I engaged with it) and not being Catholic, I was a little apprehensive. But I was amazed at how much I have enjoyed the course. It's really well put together and it's the first time I've read so much of the Bible and enjoyed it.

The questions for the homework really make you think about things. The interactive nature of the sessions and Mauro's great sense of humour makes the course really engaging. If you want to go deeper into the bible and have a terrible short attention span (like me) then I would really recommend this course.

Every session I learn something new and finally the Bible is starting to come alive for me and it's helping me draw closer to God. Thank you Mauro and I pray that God will continue to use you powerfully for advancing His kingdom!

Darryl T.

Mauro, thank you very much once again for running the Bible Timeline course. I can say unquestionably that my appreciation for the Bible and its messages has been greatly increased, as well my resolve and faith. I know that I will certainly look back upon the whole course as one of the most transformative experiences I had during my time in England.

The Bible Timeline course has illuminated and transformed my view of the Bible, shed light on passages that previously mystified me, given new and deeper meanings to stories that I previously thought I understood, and, most of all, filled me with a greater appreciation and comprehension of the many messages that God wishes to convey to us, his children, through his Word.

This has, in turn, helped me to contemplate in a more nuanced way the lessons of the spoken Word at Mass, as well as giving me the opportunity to ruminate deeply on what God wants of me in my own life. I praise God for giving us Mauro to help us all to grow in our love for our Creator.

Once again, many thanks to you for this course, and may God shower ever-abundant blessings upon you, your family, and your ministry.

Frances F.

Dear Mauro, I would like to thank you for the wonderful Bible Timeline course. Your presentation of it is engaging and interesting, but above all it has given me an enthusiasm and love of the Word of God. I now have a much clearer understanding of the Bible and would recommend this course to one and all, as I constantly do. I'm forever telling people about it. Many, many thanks.

Anthony L.

The course has inspired me to start a journey in gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation for my faith.

I have always been interested in learning more about the Bible, having been engrossed by individual Bible stories as a child, but not knowing how to tackle such a large and comprehensive book, when considering the Bible as a whole.

Mauro's teaching style is truly engaging and the Timeline approach is fantastic for connecting the multiple pieces of the puzzle and ultimately allowing me to get closer to the Bible teachings and as a result, closer to my faith.

Antoine H.

My wife and I attended The Bible course during the October '19-April '20 semester. For a very affordable price, we were given a top-notch teaching from Mauro. The teacher was very knowledgeable and patient, and always eager to listen and answer to our many questions with his charming Italian accent!

The course is well-balanced with a mix of analyses and comments on the Bible coupled with some interactive group reflections. There is also some homework to be done to prepare for each lesson, and a detailed summary is sent at the end of each session, which is very useful when you study the Bible as there are many names, places and dates to be remembered!

Overall, France and I had a great time and we would recommend this course for those who want to have a good grasp of the Bible Timeline, better understand how the Old and New Testament answer each other and strengthen their faith through the study of the Bible. Thanks Mauro and Janet!

Thelma M.

I really like the details we get in class and from the book that better explains what is in the Bible. With this gained knowledge things make more sense, fit together more clearly, give me greater confidence & understanding that I can share with others. It helps me better assess what God is telling us and how might my life change. Thank you for sharing your time, knowledge and enthusiasm!!

Georgina H.

This course is bringing me even closer to God and understanding his word and how he wants us to live our lives for his glory.

Getting us to do the homework/research ourselves is the best thing. I have always said that God's Word is like Pandora's box, it is full of treasure, you just need to be in and study his word. Mauro, you have certainly given me more of his treasure to apply and make changes in my life. Thank you.

Anna F.

Dear Mauro, a big thank you for your great course and all the effort you put in the preparation and delivery. It not only opens completely new horizons about the Bible but it is also fun! Your passion for Bible is contagious. I cannot recommend it enough. Just come and see!

Jo-Ann P.

God's word is truly the living word. Thank you Mauro for sharing so willingly epic tales about murder, incest, adultery (to name a few) but first of all, love.

I see how I am part of a long salvation history, and there is always hope to serve our living God, whose mercy and grace are abundant. I speak with God more now and the Mass is more alive to me.

If you're reading this and thinking about attending this course - go for it! Taste and see for yourself - enthralling tales by an engaging storyteller and perhaps, just maybe it could change your life too.

Beatrix B.

I've been doing the Bible Timeline with Mauro this year and it's amazing how the Bible and our history make sense now. Plus I experience Mass at another level now; the readings make more sense within the big picture!

I now can situate the stories within our salvation history and making sense of the full history is like reading the bible in 3D. Really recommend the course!

The story of the Israelites is our story and we are part of the story and how we live our lives is a reflexion of their story and we can learn so much from them! If the New Testament has always been easier to understand, so much come even clearer after the great adventure in the Old Testament! So much of what Jesus says, was known to the Jews of his time but not to us because we didn't know their story! But now I know.

I really recommend this course to whoever wants to understand the Bible better and also understand themselves better as a Christian. Thanks Mauro!

Gloria S.

A deep reminder of our Salvation History, a remarkable way of getting good knowledge of the Bible. Thank you Mauro for giving me this great opportunity , it will leave a profound tread in my spiritual life as a Christian.

Olga A.

Dear Mauro, This course has been a life change for me, it has helped me a lot in my journey to know and to get closer to God. Thank you very much for your effort!

Emily T.

Lively, engaging and inspiring! The course has given me a deeper appreciation for the way in which the OT applies to my life. I have very much enjoyed it.

Richard H.

Dear Mauro, Thank you! It is a delight to attend your Course. It has increased my Faith and understanding of the Old Testament.

Peter B.

Mauro, your course has been absolutely great so far. It's actually the second time I'm doing it.

You've made the Bible come alive and feel so uncomplicated with a lot of emphasis to the ultimate birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ and the birth of our wonderful Catholic Church. Thanking you once again for a great course.

Francesco B.

The course is giving me the chance to come out of my Bible comfort zone so far limited to the Gospels and the Pentateuch; it gives me an objective to further my learning. I now feel more drawn to a wider Bible study; the confidence in my faith is still torn in different directions, I still am wrapped in scepticism and sometimes unfortunately I repel wise notions and opening gestures. I hope that one day the truth will sink it and I'll embrace it fully partly thanks to this kind of study.

I think that as this course is, it would be useful for any Christian but more so for most Catholics who have not made the reading of Scripture an essential part of their spiritual lives.

The course is delivered at a good pace and Mauro is a good speaker, I don't feel the course adds too much to the burden of a working day (a Monday). Thanks for your passionate work and best wishes.

Bible Timeline
St Patrick's Soho Sq. Church, London
September 2018
Francis B.

Mauro delivers an accurately detailed, entertaining and very well organised course on the synopsis of the Bible.

Mauro is very gifted at treating all the attendees with the greatest respect and makes it fun and fascinating. I have learnt so much about Christianity through the Old & New Testament.

I encourage you to come along to one of Mauro Iannicelli's courses. I guarantee you will at least smile every evening as Mauro gets the whole room engaged with his very authentic Italian approach! I shall not be spoiling the details of this course, but will conclude , this course is well worth attending! Mauro manages with great ease to answer the essential questions & helps us get a good grasp on everything - Who, What, When, Where, Why & How!

Personally, for the first time in a long time, I have really enjoyed studying & learning about History through this Bible Timeline course.

Rebecca T.

Congratulations Mauro on what was an exceptionally well prepared and delivered course. It has not only aided in my understanding of the bible but also strengthened my relationship with God in a new way. I worried about attending a 2 hr session following a long day at work, but your talks and delivery of each topic kept me engaged throughout (and very well entertained with your humour).

It actually made me look forward to Monday's for a change! The notes you provide after each session have also been extremely helpful too.

There is so much more I can say, from the amazing socials, to making new friends, to grasping some very difficult concepts through group discussions-so many fruits from this.

I pray that your ministry may continue to flourish and that the bible timeline course can reach and touch others as it has done me. God bless x

Annette M.

Fantastic course! Far the best way to understand the bible and history of our salvation. Delivered excellently by Mauro whose enthusiasm and bright personality is very engaging and made it so interesting !

Presentation and Delivery make it accessible so everyone can relate to the bible understand how every age connects to the story. A great way of giving life meaning and answers all of life's questions. Well done Mauro.

Joseph G.

Dear Mauro, just wanted to say a big thanks for all your passion and effort and humour you are putting in to this incredible Timeline journey. I never thought OT Salvation History could be so engaging!

And to see such a huge crowd turn up completely into it is really inspiring and gives me great hope for the future of The Church during this period we are in. Keep going! Great work. United in prayer.

Rajesh R.

Dear Mauro Iannicelli and Janet Joseph. This course was one of the greatest ones I have attended so far. It is well structured and has helped me in my spiritual life. Since it started, I have been able to pray more and spend time reading Scriptures regularly. Thanks for this course. I pray for it to be a great testimony and bring abundant fruits for whoever attends it. God bless you both and the ministry.

Pauline R.

Mauro, Your bible classes are amazing and so are you , love the humour you add occasionally. Your deliverance of the messages from the passages are very simply explained which is of great benifit to me personally. Keep up the good work and God Bless you.

Graham P.

Thanks for the course. It was well put together, informative and enjoyable. It was good to go through the Bible chronologically as this shows how it all fits together. I have read the Bible a number of times and your approach is certainly presented in an accessible way. In other words it is a good parish tool for catechising people on the structure of Bible and the journey of faith reveals within.

Yes you delivered it well. Your enthusiasm was a plus. Ways to improve? Possibly playing and experimenting around the small group side. That said I enjoyed that part. I didn't do any of the socials so i cant comment on that part. Yes it was used to feed my faith. The thing I like most was it got me to think. Always useful. St Anselm is famous for the phrase "Faith seeking understanding." I think your course is a program to promote this. In prompting thought, it helped me.

Christian C.

Praise the Lord for the work Mauro has done to prepare this BT course! It was really carefully prepared and delivered in an amazing way. Really learned lots of important details about the Bible which I would have struggled to learn somewhere else! Looking forward for what's coming next! God bless! :D

Ani B.

Mauro.. where shall I start... this past 6 months has been transformational! It totally changed my view & picture of God that I had in my mind.

After attending session one the mass made more sense, and as we moved from one session to the next, I've noticed that my understanding of the homilies are much clearer now. I'm able to make connections between events (knowing the history behind it!) and proudly nodding during homilies (to which my fellow choir members reacted: How do you know these things!?)

One of the highlights was that I finally understood that the New Testament is not a separate book but very much connected to the Old Testament.

Mauro has the ability to explain things extremely clearly, focusing on the final details, asking questions to check our understanding and refreshing our learning, which are all great qualities and make him a competent educator when delivering a subject that involves deep and complicated history like nothing else. Not an easy task to do, but he excelled at it! Thank you so much for this amazing learning experience! Last but not least - thank you for Janet Joseph for being so supportive of this! Good practice run before taking on the role of being a wife:)

Nicole C.

Mauro and Janet - thank you! Hard to put into words how much I've received from this course...it's made everything, from the beginning of time to present day so clear! I wish I'd done this years ago - fabulous content, amazing group of people, and expert delivery of the teachings by everyone's favourite British (almost) Italian :-) Thank you xxx

Valiton A.

Thank you Mauro Iannicelli and Janet Joseph for all your efforts for making the Bible Timeline study an amazing, exciting learning experience! This course has personally helped me develop my understanding of the scriptures and significantly deepened by faith.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who are keen to understand the salvation history and God's rescue plan! Happy Easter and God bless you both and the ministry.

Marcela B.

Thank you Mauro for putting together such a great course. If every parish had it, more Catholics would understand scriptures much better and connections between Old testament and New testament and it's practical use for everyday life.

Thank you Janet Joseph for your behind scenes help. The two of you are great team and beautiful couple and I am soooo looking forward to what you will come up with next.

To be honest I almost did not start the course as at the same time I started to lead RCIA in our parish and I knew I would struggle to find the time for home preparations. I am glad that I tried it and eventually I attended all sessions! Even though I did not manage to do any of home preparation, it was still easy and fun to follow the talks.

May God rewards you for all your efforts and may He bless you abundantly. May God shows you where He wants you next and may He clears the path for you.

Julija B.

Mauro Iannicelli is doing a wonderful course! It was the best time spent on Monday evenings - joyful, full of spirit of truth, very well structured, image of disciple of God. The course helped me a lot to understand Bible better, to become closer to Jesus. Praise the Lord for the time Mauro spent for us to make the story in Bible part of our life. Looking forward for future course. In Christ.

Harriet A.

I am really enjoying the Bible Time Line and it's fun as well, we thank the Holy Spirit that is inspiring you to bring the Holy Bible into understanding to others. Keep up the good work and you are doing amazingly well. Praise God for all the work and time you are putting into it. It's going well so far so good.

Catherine D.

Mauro, you really have transformed yourself into a professional speaker! You have the energy that fills the room from end to end. You are very fun and engaging. From the first time I met you the fire and passion and enthusiasm inside you never decreased or diminished. I can honestly say the church needs you and what you do!

For all that you do, THANK YOU! Thank you for tirelessly bring Jesus into our lives.

And you know I will support you in anything you do :)

So lucky to have witnessed your journey from the beginning to this. I can see your energy is settled now. Bravo M!

Janet J.

Mauro - It's a joy to see you really moving in a Charism of Teaching!!!

A personal highlight for me was the session on 'Messianic Fulfillment' - it was the best teaching I've ever received on why Jesus had to die for our sins! My experience at Holy Mass has been transformed!

You have an ability to break scripture open & explain Catholic theology in a captivating way. It's a gift to be able to hold an audience's attention for literally x2 hours (usually I switch off half way through long talks!)

Loved how you broke up the talk with those challenging questions about living our faith in the day-to-day especially on Church teachings...found the group discussions bore so much fruit especially when we carried on with them at the pub afterwards!

This Bible TimeLine course experience can be summed up for me as JOYFUL ORTHODOXY! I've never been at a course where the speaker can make the audience roar with laughter... your unique Mauro-isms are hilarious!

My prayer is for you to be able to give these life-changing talks in parishes all over the UK!

Mauro - we'll continue to drench Come & See Ministries in a Spirit of Prayer so it grows from strength to strength.

Audrey L.

The content of the course was well broken down as it was structured, and crystal cleared. Mauro worked hard to make it easy to understand to anyone. The Old Testament is difficult to understand as it's not chronologically sorted and so many events happened throughout centuries.

My understanding of the Bible has completely changed. I intended to read the Bible from Genesis to Psalms by myself. After Exodus, I stopped reading it because Numbers was so strange and beyond my understanding. Thanks to the Course and to Mauro, I better understand the Daily Readings given by the Roman Catholic Church because I know the different characters, periods and major events of the Old Testament.

Mauro delivered the course exceedingly well because his questions were spiritually deep. We had to reflect carefully before giving an answer. He added relevant information such as excerpts from the New Testament, or about Our Lady, quotes from Saints, the Catechism and showed us some nice videos.

Mauro was always smiley, positive, dynamic and funny. He really cared about our understanding and was always available to answer our questions. By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, he's an excellent teacher.

Because of this Course, I met people from Soul Food, the Community of Sant'Egidio, Discipleship Day with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal in Canning Town, the Prayer & Life Workshop in Spanish, and made a lot of new friends. Also, I discovered the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at St Patrick's Soho Square. The course social (boat party) was very nice and with a great venue. I met people I had never met before.

When I read the Bible now, I'm more confident and relaxed because I no longer struggle to answer these questions: What? Who? When? Where? How?!! Why??!! Thanks to this live Bible Timeline course I now have all the necessary tools to understand everything and to be closer to our Lord. God bless you always Janet and Mauro! A thousand times Thanks for everything.

Jennifer J.

Hi Mauro, I wanted to share with you that I really enjoyed yesterday evenings' class. It was so thought provoking and really inspiring. It Completely broke open the bible in a way I hadn't ever realised!

Anyway just wanted to say thank you for allowing God to use you to give this to us every fortnight! Really looking forward to the rest of the course too. Can't tell you how much of a gift it is!

Claire L.

Thank you Mauro. Indeed it was a very blessed session yesterday. I'm very grateful for your time and effort - it's a real sacrifice and a generous gift to your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Matthieu B.

Well done for the session last Monday!! It's so wonderful that you're able to engage so many people to learn to read and pray with the Bible, London is so lucky to have you here!

Ania L.

Congratulations on the success on Monday, I heard it was great attendance and people loved it! Can't wait to join myself next week :)

Esther T.

Thanks so much for a marvellous first session - all very exciting! I have emailed a few single guys I know to see if they fancy coming along and asked them to email you if so.

Helen-Marie H.

Thank you so much, really enjoyed the nicely paced course. Great to have a 'live' speaker/ teacher. Well done! Wonderful to see some old friends, and make some new ones.

Stephen T.

Thank you Mauro, it was amazing... with your gifts you are catching people for Christ.

Lovelina D.

Thank you very much for the insightful presentation and the summary notes you share with us. May God continue to bless you always.

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